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 Home Learning Challenge

I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these difficult times. 

I will continue to add new challenges to the class page.

If you have any questions you or need to contact me this is my work email 


Hello Everyone,

 I  would love to know how you are all getting on with your Home Learning activities.

 If possible  please send me a quick email to say which tasks you have completed. 

 Also let me know if you are doing any extra tasks such as, online  learning activities, extra reading/ sharing  stories together, extra writing tasks. 

I understand home learning can be difficult, so do not worry if you have not completed all the activities.

 Keep Safe     From

  Mrs Smoczyk





  Home Learning


   Look at some of our home learning.






 Year  1   Summer Term 2  

   Hello Everyone,

   I hope you are all keeping, busy  safe and well.

   I will continue to add the weekly work tasks to this class page.

  Thank you for sending photographs of all your hard work.


 During this uncertain time school  will add regular updates onto the  School Face Book page.


  From  Mrs Smoczyk









  Learn to spell the words below.

  Write a sentence using each word.









    Maths     Telling the time

    This week we are learning to tell the time  O' clock  and half past.

     Look at analogue clock  ( clock face numerals 1 - 12)

    Tell a grown up when the clock face tells an O' Clock time.

     Tell a grown up when the clock face tells a half past time.


     Make a  diary of  a typical day .

      Draw a clock face to show what time you did each activity.




Pets 1
  Pets  word  puzzle

   Make a list of different  pets.


  Use the list to  create  your own word search or crossword puzzle.

   Rainbow  Grammar


   When writing a sentence we use the following colour code. 

 Subject  green - who or what  the sentence about.

 Predicate  orange - more information about the who or what.

  Stop red - end of the sentence use a  full stop, question mark or explanation mark to end the sentence.


   Write simple sentences about different pets.

   Add the rainbow grammar colours to your sentence.

For example

The  dog  ran after a ball.



The cat  is drinking milk .

   Have a look on BBC Bitesize

  Key Stage 1   Year 1

  KS1 BBC Bitesize

  It has lots of great fun learning activities.

  Summer 1    Week  beginning  18.5.20









   Write a sentences using the words.

   For example


    Today I made a cake.

     What time do  you go to bed ?


   This week we are learning to describe position. Following and giving instructions for half, quarter and  three-quarter turns.

   Letters and Sounds.

   Say the sounds you see in the power point.

  Reading                 Word Hunt


   Read a favourite story book from home.


    In the book how many times can you find the words

    the,  and, said, in, to , was ?

Picture 1

  Do you want to build a Snowman ?

  Create a snowman.

  Be creative, you could paint, draw, collage, make a model or even  make a    snowman cake.


 Take a photograph of your snowman.

 Summer 1

Week beginning  11.5.20










   oo  ue   ew

   Read  and write the words, add souns buttons.


  Extra task add more words containing the  oo, ue or ew  sound to the     list.


     oo                                         ue                                  ew


  zoo                                         glue                                grew

  food                                       tissue                              flew


Picture 1

Weather Forecast Report

Weather  Forecast  Report 1

Months of the year

Months of the year 1
  Starting sentences with capital letters

  Winnie the Witch


  Watch the story Winnie in Winter.

  Which is your favourite season and why.

  Write and draw a picture to explain your answer.

Winnie in Winter

Winnie in Winter 1

  Summer 1 

 Week  3   4.5.20









   Write a poem about one or more of the seasons.

   This could be an acrostic poem. This is when  a line of writing in which the first letter of each line spells a word.








 Or you can create a poem that has rhyming pairs.


   Read or watch on You tube a story by Julia Donaldson.

   What story did you read ?

    Create a new front cover for the book.


   Extra task   Write a book review about the story.



   Find out and draw the weather symbols for 

   sun, rain , snow, thunder, windy.

    Can you find  any more  symbols ?


    Measures, capacity and volume

    How much does it hold?

    Look around the home and find containers such  as cartons, bottles         and    jugs.

  Which hold  1 litre

   Less than 1 litre

   More than 1 litre


Use a measuring jug to fill 1 litre and half a litre.

   Summer   1

  Week  1  20.4.20


  Challenge 1   


   when, go, no, what, little, do, out

Challenge 2


What are the four seasons ?

Draw a picture  of each of the four seasons.

Write a sentence about each seasons. The sentence could be about the weather, plants growing or a special celebration or activity you enjoy.


Challenge 3


Read and write numerals and number words.


Challenge 4

  Create a Board Game.


Using numerals and number words create a simple dice board game .

Challenge 5

 Looking for an extra challenge , try the Talk for writing activity. 


Share a story with an adult

Talk about the following.

Who are the main characters?

What part did you enjoy ?

How did the characters feel at the beginning and end of the story?

Create a story map to retell the story in sequence.


Home Learning Summer Term 1

Week 2   27.4.20



   don't                 this

    it's                    see

   from                  were


  Weather Report


Write a weekly weather report.

Draw symbols or pictures to illustrate your report.



Addition and subtraction

 Make 2  sets of number cards.

One set with numerals 1- 20.

One set with number words  one - twenty.

Mix the cards up.

Select two number cards and add and subtract the two numbers.

Record your finding in a number sentence using the correct symbols   + - =



Read and write these words

Add the sound buttons.


  car    hood    card      saw      day      pie    snow        spring     bird    rain     mash   sleep    blue



 Share a story book or story on line.

Write about a character from the story.


  What is the title of the story/ book ?

  What is the characters name ?

  Where do they live ?

  What do they wear ?

  Are they kind or unkind ?  How do you know ?

  Draw a picture of the character.



Joe Wicks  - Get Moving

In class we enjoy doing a daily Joe Wicks  workout.

Starting Monday he will be doing a  live daily workout at 9 am.

Or you can google Joe wicks 5 minutes children work outs. 

Please learn to spell the days of the week. Use a capital letter at the beginning of each word.










Number Words learn to spell these words.

one    two     three         


four   five    six    seven


eight   nine     ten 




said  so   have    like   some   come   were  there.


If you can spell all these words write simple sentences using the words.


You can come to my party.

Put the cake over there.

Challenge 1

Read the story Oliver's Vegetables ( this can be found on YouTube)

Make a list of 5 vegetables you like.

Challenge 2

Write Sentences using conjunction and

For example

I like chips and gravy.


My Mum likes apples and bananas.


Use a full stop capital letter and finger spaces for all your sentences.

Challenge 3  Measures

Use a tape measure or ruler and measure objects around your home.

Record the length of each object in cm.

For example the spoon is 11 cm.

Order the objects you measured from shortest to longest.

Challenge 4

How many different words can you make from the word


For example, slide, and, is.


Record numerals  0-100 correctly

Challenge 5   Story  


Read  or share your favourite  story .

Draw 4 or 6 pictures  from the story in sequence.

Add captions and speech bubbles to your story. 

Challenge 6

2 times table

See attachment for task

Challenge 7

Easter Story 

RE Easter Story

Challenge 8     because


Say and write simple sentences using conjunction because.

For example

I put on my coat because I was cold.




tree 1

Challenge  9   Trees

Draw a tree

Label the tree -  trunk, branches, crown, roots, leaves, twig.

Find out

What is a deciduous tree ?

What is an evergreen tree ?

How many trees can you see out of your window ?


If you have a tree in your garden do a bark rubbing.


Make your own tree vocabulary word search.

Challenge  10  

Watch the Phase  5  phonic song.

Complete the 'ue' worksheet.

If you do not have a printer copy the words or write a list of words with the 'ue' sounds in. For example  glue, blue.

For an extra task write sentences about the 'ue'  sound words.

For example.

My Dad has a blue shirt.



Phase 5 Sound Song On Youtube

Challenge 11

Counting in 10's

 Challenge 11

Jack and the Beanstalk

Read the story Jack and the Beanstalk 

or watch on  Youtube Jack and the Beanstalk (Kiddo stories)

 Create a story map to retell the story.


Picture 1

Challenge 12

Writing sentences

Using conjunctions  and, so or because  write sentences about the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

Remember to use capital letters , full stops and finger spaces. 


Challenge 13


Solve these addition  problems

5 + 2 =                      5 + 5 =

1 + 4 =                       2 + 7 =

7 + 3 =                      3 + 2 =

4 +  3 =                     6 + 2 =

8 + 2 =                      9 + 2 =

10 + 2 =                     0 + 6 =


Extra Task

12 +  10  =                13 + 7 =

5 + 12  =                   11 + 4 =                



Welcome to Year 1


  A very warm welcome to Year One

Here is the Year 1 teaching team.


Mrs Smoczyk (Class Teacher)

Mrs Toon (Class TA)

Mrs Scott (Class TA)

Mrs Muddara (Care Assistant)



We are so proud of the way the year one children have settled into class so far this year. They are all superstars! We have some very exciting things happening this year and can not wait to work with you all to make this year very happy and successful. If you have any concerns or queries please pop in to see one of the team. We want to help all of the children in year one be happy. 




Important Information:


  • Our PE days are Tuesday and  Thursday. Please can you ensure your child has their PE kit and that all items are labelled correctly. 
  • Spellings will be given out every Friday. Your child will be tested the following Friday. Children who get all their spelling correct will receive a spelling certificate. Keep a look out to see whether your child is the spelling bee! This will be announced by text every Wednesday and is for children who are applying their spellings into their writing. 
  • Homework will be given out every Friday and is expected to be returned by the following Thursday.
  • We really can not stress the importance of listening to your child read at least three times a week. It is also really beneficial if you read to them too. The children are already starting to make great progress in their reading, but we want them to get even better!









This term we are learning to count in 10's 2's and 5's.


 10  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100.


2  4  6  8  10  12  14  16  18   20


5  10  15  20  25  30  35  40  45  50  55  60  65  70  75  80  85  90  95  100


If you would like a paper copy of any of the information below please let us know and we will be happy to provide one free of charge.


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