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Welcome to Year 1


  A very warm welcome to Year One

Here is the Year 1 teaching team.


Mrs Smoczyk (Class Teacher)

Mrs Toon (Class TA  )

Miss Stone  (TA)

Mrs Muddara (Care Assistant)






    Autumn 1 Year 1  PE days are;

Tuesday  and Thursday

Both sessions will be outdoors

Please come to school in full PE kit,

White T-shirt, black or navy shorts or tracksuit bottoms and trainers. 

Home Learning Challenge

  Self Isolation Home Learning Tasks

Make a fact file about the four countries of the UK

 Read the poem.

 Now write your own poem using the starters

  I see

  I hear

  I feel

  I smell

  I taste

Apple Poem

  Draw a picture of a building such as a house, church or shop.

  Look  what we will be learning this week.


 We can all shine.

  Remote Learning   Week 1.2.21

  1.2.21  Phonics oy


 Phonics 2.2.21


 ph watch the clip.

What objects around your house can you find with the ph sound ?

Make a list of what you find.

Extra Task

Write sentences about the objects you found.


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ph/

Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: We make le...


  Read and add the correct punctuation   

   .  ? !

 English 2.2.21



 Writing Sentences

Write simple sentences about the pictures.

 Use a capital letter, correct  punctuation and finger spaces.


Weekly Writing 


Write about an  activity  you did this week.

What was it ?

Why did you enjoy doing it ?







Toys History Fact File


Read and answer the questions.

 Extra task   Write your own fact file about old and new toys.

  Active Tuesday

  Science  4.2.21

 Complete after the teams lesson at 1.30pm

  Toy Photo Art

Have a go at creating a scene with your toys. Take a photograph of your  creative art work.

  Remote Learning Week 4

  25.1.21 -   29.1.21


 Live lessons  Phonics  9.15 am

                      English  10.15 am

                      Maths  11.30 am


 Please note the later start. This is to allow the children in school to join in  with the sessions.

 Weekly Spellings









   Monday   ir


  Play this ir game


 With a partner throw a dice.

 The number you roll you need to read a word on that number line. For example, if you roll a 3 read a word on the three line.  Cross or tick if you read the word correctly . The player with the most  words is the winner.

 Tuesday ue

 Friday  Reading

 Look at a book

 Can you find the tricky words  some, one, said, come, have , what in the book ?


 Look for different sorts of punctuation . 

    .  ?  !


 Using punctuation  . ? !

 Monday using a full stop.


 Look at the pictures from the story.

For each picture say and write a sentence which uses a full stop at the end.


  Extra Challenge

 Add the rainbow grammar colours  to show subject, predicate and punctuation.

  Tuesday  Question Marks  ?


 Use the pictures from the story to write questions.

 Question words

 Who, What, Where, How, When.

 Wednesday  Exclamation Marks  !


Use the pictures from the story to write speech bubbles which use exclamation marks.

 Thursday  Writing


 Using your own toys and imagination make up your own toy adventure story.

You can  choose how you record the story.

It could be a written story, story map, comic strip or mini book.

In the story I want to see you use the punctuation we have looked at this week, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.    . ? !

  Friday  Tricky Words


 Join in with the Tricky Words song

 Complete the word worksheets.

  Tricky Word Word Search


 Use the tricky words to make a  word search.

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

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  Maths   Money


 You will need a selection of coins.

 Sort the coins  by their value.

 Using your times table Knowledge  find the total amount in each set of coins.


How many different ways can you make the total 10p, 20p and £1 ?

  Extra Challenge

  How many ways can you make the total 50p ?

 Tuesday  Adding coins
 Wednesday Making given amounts
  Play Top Marks Money Game


Using Money


 Play Shop Keepers

 Make a Mini shop

 Add price labels to the items.

 Ask a family member to play shops with you.

 Have a go at being both the Shop Keeper and the Customer.

  PE and Physical Activity


 It is recommended that children take part in 60 minutes of daily physical activity each day. This week I am setting you the challenge of being active for 60 minutes everyday. Below are some ideas  to help. Keep a daily record/ diary of the physical activity you do each day.

  Mansfield School Games Home Challenge

Have a go at this cushion challenge and enter your data into the Mansfield School Games Personal Challenge.

  Art  Patterns


 Look for different checked patterns in your home.

 Have a go at copying one of the patterns or create your own.

  History   Toys


 Using your own toys create a toy timeline.


Which of your toys is the oldest?  How do you know?

Which toy is the newest ? How do you know ?


 Take a photograph or draw the toys in the timeline.

Write about the newest and oldest toy you have.

When did you get it ? What is it made from ? How does it work ?


 Design and Technology


 Using  materials such as boxes and cartons create something you could put your toys in.


 Describing materials.

 Find different objects around your home.

 Use different words to describe the materials.

 Key Vocabulary

  bendy, stretchy, hard, smooth, transparent, rough.



  Remote Learning Week 3   18.1.21

  Teams Lessons 

 9am   Phonics

 10am  English

 11.30  Maths


 Spellings  18.1.21







  Phonics   Week 18.1.21
 Thursday  and Friday Phonic tasks

  English 18.1.21


 Traction Man  adjectives

Traction Man is here - Books Alive! Read Aloud children's book

Books Alive! Read aloud Traction Man is here by Mini Grey. The everyday hero performing extraordinary bravery in the realms of the home. All in a days work f...

  Listen to the story Traction Man.

 Draw a picture of Traction Man

 Use adjectives to describe Traction  Man

You might use words such as brave, happy, calm, handsome.


 An adjective is used to help us to imagine what a person, place or thing is like.



Use adjectives to describe your toys.

For example,

 The red Lego brick.

 The big red Lego brick.


  The cute dolly.

  The small cute dolly.

  Use adjective to write short sentences about characters, and objects from the story Traction Man.


 For example, 

 The green suit.

 The frightened silver spoons.

 The big angry dishcloth.



Sequence the story Traction Man.


Create a comic strip retelling the story Traction Man.

Add captions and speech bubbles to your story.

 Friday Extended Writing


 Write the story Traction Man.

Try to use different adjectives in your story.

Use capital letters, finger spaces and  full stops.

  Math  18.1.21

 Look at BBCBitesize 2D shapes Key Stage 1 

What are 2d shapes?

  Make Shapes

Using pencils, sticks or strips of paper create 2d shapes.

 Count the sides and corners.

 How could you make a circle?

 How many sticks would you need to make an octagon ?


The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

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  Design and Technology

  Design and Make a Sock Puppet

  Step 1

  Design - Draw and label your plan / idea.

  Step 2

  Make - Using your plan make the sock puppet.


  Use joining skills such as glue and sticky tape.

With ADULT  SUPERVISION try using a sewing stitch. ( This is optional)


If you do not have the resources to make a sock puppet a detailed design will be fine. 



  Science      Transparent Materials


 Transparent means  a material that allows light to pass through it so that the object behind can be seen.


Look through an empty clear plastic drinks bottle.

Can you see through the bottle ?  If you can it is a transparent material.


 What other objects/ materials can you find around the home that are transparent ?

 Make a list of your findings.


Extra task 

  Write a sentence to explain what the word transparent means.



  Body Percussion  Follow the Power Point

 Make up your own body percussion pattern.

  History  Toys in the past


 With an adult look at the Power point.

Talk to the adult about toys and games they played with in the past.

  Write 3 facts you have learnt.

 Art  Patterns


  Using different patterns  design a pair of gloves.

Draw around your hands to create a template.

  PE  Yoga

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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  PHSE   Keeping Healthy



 Name five things to help keep you healthy.


  Remote Learning Week 2   11.1.21


  Teams lessons

   9am Phonics

    10am  English

   11.30 am  Maths




Read and highlight the u-e words








  For each spelling word say and write a simple sentence.


  For example


  What time is it ?


  The dog jumped out of the bin.


 Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and correct punctuation.

Story Time 'This is the Bear' by Sarah Hayes

Story time with Ms. Lewin Donaldson reading the story 'This is the Bear' by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig #primarymummy

   Write simple sentences about each picture.


  Highlight the subject  predicate  and punctuation .

  Writing sentences

Use capital letters, finger spaces and  full stops.

This is the....

 Highlight the subject

   This is the boy with red socks.

  Thursday  Story  Map

Listen/ watch the story This is the Bear.

 Create a story map adding captions and speech bubbles.


  Friday Extended Writing

 Retell and write the story  This is the Bear

 Remember to use

 Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

 Try to use this weeks spellings in your story.

 Use your story maps to help sequence the story.




Subtraction using a number line.

Power Point 12.1.21

  Look at the Power point

Discuss your findings with an adult.



  Use your hands to hold objects.

  Feel which item is the heaviest and which is the lightest .


  Order 3 household objects and order by weight.



  Find an object that weighs 

100g    500g  and   1kg

  Additional/ Optional  Task


  Bake a cake

  With a grown up bake a cake.

  Look at the weight of the ingredients packaging.

  Use scales to weigh out the ingredients.

  Curriculum  11.1.21



Look at the criss cross pattern images.

 Using materials you have at home create your own criss cross pattern picture.

  Science  Materials

  What different materials can you find in the garden ?


 Look around your garden can you find things made  from 

  wood, plastic, metal, rock, glass or cloth. ?


  Draw a map of your garden and label the different materials you find.






  Toys / Materials


  Sort your toys by what materials they are made from.

  Which material are most of your toys made from ?



 Old and New Toys


  Ask an adult to read the Toys Power Point to you.


  Draw a mind map of what you have learnt about old and new toys.

  A mind map is pictures and words to show what you understand , know , or wish to find out about a topic. Below are a few examples.

  Physical  Education


Cosmic Kids Yoga

Try the challenge card activities

Joybob The Polar Bear | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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   PE  Yoga

   Remote Learning


 Week  4.1.21


  Live lessons will be  on Teams

  Monday - Thursday

   9 am  Phonics

   10 am  English

    1 pm Maths

Linked worksheets can be found below.


Other Curriculum Activities will be on this class page.


Extra activities can also be found on the SEND page.

Look in Key Information Send Information.


 You do not have to print the work sheets.  Answers and findings can be recorded using just a pen and paper. 



 Please email photographs of completed work or send me a quick email message about how you are getting  on. 

   Phonics, English and Maths

 Worksheets. If possible to be completed after Teams lesson.


Can you read the split e-e words ?


Adding on Powerpoint

  Curriculum Topic Activities


  5.1.21  Materials   Distinguish between an object and the materials it is made from.


  Look around your house.

 Can you find objects made from the following materials

glass, wood, plastic and metal.

  Draw and label the objects you find.

  6.1.21  Going for Goals


   Think about what you would like to achieve this year.

It could be a new skill such as being able to tie your own shoe laces, to know your 5 times table, to ride a bike on two wheels.

 Create a poster to illustrate your personal targets. 

  7.1.21    Art    


  Using a pencil sketch a picture of a toy. Use the pencil to shade areas.

  Friday  Activities

Kippers Toy Box

This is a children's picture book story Read Aloud by Caroline Finch. Suitable for ages 3-8 years old - or any age really. Story by Mick Inkpen



  so        went  


  no        from


  do        last



  Retell and write the story Kippers Toy Box.


  Try and use this weeks spelling words in your story.


 Active Maths

One more   One less


 On small pieces of paper write different numerals. Ask a grown up to hide the numerals around the house.

 You have to find the numerals and record the number that is one more and the number that is 1 less.



  8.1.21  Get active with Joe

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 140 seconds work | 20 seconds restMarching On The SpotStar JumpsLow Sprint ShuffleSquatsClimb The Rope

  Active  Challenge Cards.


 It is recommended that children are physically active for 60 minutes everyday.

Try some of these active challenge cards.

 Homework Challenges



  Play Phase 3 games on Phonics Play


  Look at some of the fun learning activities in Year 1
  This week we have had lots of fun making pizza and having a mini athletics competition.



    We are learning to hear, say, recognize and write letter sounds.


     s  a  t  p  i   n  m  d  g  o c  k  ck  e  u  r  h  b f  ff ss


      v w x y j  qu


     ch  sh  th  ng  ai  ee  oa  oo  ar  or  ur  ow  oi  era  air  ure  er.


  Can you read and spell words containing the above letter sounds ?




   Number Words


 This half term we are learning to read and spell number words.


     1     one                       6  six

     2     two                      7   seven

     3     three                   8   eight

     4     four                     9    nine

      5    five                     10  ten




We are learning to write numerals correctly


 Single digit numbers


 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


  Double digit numbers  such as

   12     25    46   72    89   94

This term we are learning to count in 10's 2's and 5's.


 10  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90  100.


2  4  6  8  10  12  14  16  18   20


5  10  15  20  25  30  35  40  45  50  55  60  65  70  75  80  85  90  95  100


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