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Hi again everyone. Remote teaching and learning so far... The live Teams lessons have been going so well. I have personally watched several of them now; I've attended an English lesson, a maths lesson, a phonics lesson and a guided reading lesson. I will continue to watch and check out lessons across the whole school as and when I can. Firstly, they are such high quality lessons, and the planning and work that goes into producing them is really paying off, so I'm so proud of our team! Secondly, well done to our children. The children are engaging brilliantly and listening so well. Teachers have also been telling me that the children have been doing the work during the lessons and have been actively involved in the learning (e.g asking questions and taking part in discussions). They have also been submitting high quality work which the teachers and TAs have been so impressed with. The attendance of the live Teams lessons has been really encouraging so far too. I'm sure that will continue to be the case and ev


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We've had 4 5 8 1 7 visitors


  • Foundation - Charlie, Patrycja, Diana, Romy
  • Y1 - Ralph, Zophia
  • Y2 - Corben, Rex
  • Y3 - Francesca, Noah, Declan
  • Y4 - Amelia, Joshua
  • Y5 - Diya, Daniel, Freddie
  • Y6 - Jase