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Vision and values

The vision for Intake Farm Primary School

Our Vision


Our school vision, which has been developed with all stakeholders, is to build on our achievements to become an outstanding school where each child is encouraged to fulfil their potential in a stimulating, dynamic and respectful environment.     


Our steps to success


We create an enthusiastic learning community, by:

  • developing the children's curiosity;
  • encouraging a passion for learning;
  • developing excellent teaching;
  • focusing on each child as an individual. 


We develop the whole child, by:

  • valuing all aspects of the child's effort, in and out of the classroom;
  • creating an inclusive environment;
  • guiding the child to develop resilience and perseverance;
  • inspiring the child to become a role model in and out of our school;
  • ensuring that the child feels a sense of belonging in our school community;
  • preparing the child for the wider world;
  • equipping the child with cultural capital - the knowledge our children need to succeed in life;   
  • ensuring that the child has a voice;
  • ensuring that the child feels safe, confident and cared for at all times. 


 We aspire to be at the heart of the community, by:

  • nurturing relationships with other schools and sharing best practice;
  • continuing our excellent communication between internal stakeholders - children, parents, governors, staff, PTFA;
  • engaging our children with the local community via sporting events, local initiatives, and our strong links with the local church. 

Our school values


The culture of our school is built upon our school values.


Friendship and kindness

  • At Intake Farm, our children show friendship and kindness to adults and to their peers. A culture of kindness and friendship creates an environment where everyone feels valued and safe.


  • Politeness is one of the easiest ways to show respect to others. At Intake Farm, our children are taught to interact in a polite manner with people, and this creates a pleasant and welcoming environment for children, staff and visitors.


  • Responsibility means being dependable, making good choices, and taking accountability for your actions. At Intake Farm, we encourage our children to take responsibility for their belongings, their environment, their learning, their behaviour, and the wider environment.   


  • Developing perseverance enables our children to further their learning by working through tasks that at first might seem too daunting or difficult. At Intake Farm, we teach our children how to work through difficult situations.


  • Children show respect through their attitudes towards others. Respect means accepting and valuing someone for who they are, even when they're different from you. At Intake Farm, the value of respect is held in  high regard.  

Peace and freedom 

  • At Intake Farm, our children have the right to express themselves safely. Children learn to become tolerant of others and to celebrate differences. This then creates a harmonious and peaceful environment where every child can thrive.   


British Values


We actively promote British values in our school to ensure that our children leave our school prepared for life in modern Britain. Our children are encouraged to celebrate and appreciate different faiths, races and cultures and to treat people of different faiths, races and cultures with equal respect. 

The key British values are:

  • democracy
  • rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs  






What our children think about the British Values


Mutual tolerance and respect

Kai- It is important because no one would be friends otherwise. Just because someone looks different, doesn't mean they're not a nice person. We should respect and not judge a book by its cover.

Theo- If no one respected each other, the world would not be peaceful. We respect other people's religions at this school.

Olly- If no one respected each other, it might cause arguments. If someone believes in something, you should respect that, even if you don't believe in it. 

Emre- Respecting is important. 

All- We show respect at our school.


Individual Liberty

Luca- If everyone is the same, it could cause arguments. 

Kaydon- Don't let other people change who you are. 

Olly- Life would be boring. 

Emre- Be yourself. It's good to be different.

All- We can be ourselves at this school.  


The Rule of Law

Olly- This is to keep things equal. If you follow the law, you won't be arrested. 

Theo- It would be chaos without rules and laws.

Kai- We can still have peace and freedom but within the law. We have to follow them. 

Emre- We have to follow the rules to keep the peace. 

All- We have to follow rules. We follow rules at this school. 



Kaydon- This is a conversation to vote for things. 

Luca- If one person decided things, it might cause arguments. 

Theo- It is a vote. We voted for each other for the school council. Sometimes we vote to do either Maths or English first. Parliament has to vote for new leaders. 



Pupil voice conducted with our RE ambassadors, March 2023


The following presentations show how our learning environment supports learning across the school from FS1 Nursery to Y6. 

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