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School Council

Our School Council is the voice of the children in the school and they play a vital role in the successful running of Intake Farm Primary.


Members meet with Mrs Wilkinson on a regular basis to hold special meetings. Our Head Boy (Myles) and our Head Girl (Harriet) also attend our meetings.

A range of matters are discussed and the views of the children are very important, so far this year we have discussed class names and a link to birds have been chosen.

Each class has the following democratically-elected representatives:


FS2: Arlo and Poppy    

Year 1: Harry and Ava

Year 2: Linney and Luca  

Year 3: Ralfs and Rose

Year 4: Kristupas and Sophie  

Year 5: Joseph and Mollie-Jo 

Year 6: Joshua and Maci 


Our Y6 prefects are: Freddie, Tyler, Ava, Daisy, Maci and Joshua.