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British Values blog March 2023

What our children think about the British Values

March 2023


Mutual tolerance and respect

Kai- It is important because no one would be friends otherwise. Just because someone looks different, doesn't mean they're not a nice person. We should respect and not judge a book by its cover.

Theo- If no one respected each other, the world would not be peaceful. We respect other people's religions at this school.

Olly- If no one respected each other, it might cause arguments. If someone believes in something, you should respect that, even if you don't believe in it. 

Emre- Respecting is important. 

All- We show respect at our school.


Individual Liberty

Luca- If everyone is the same, it could cause arguments. 

Kaydon- Don't let other people change who you are. 

Olly- Life would be boring. 

Emre- Be yourself. It's good to be different.

All- We can be ourselves at this school.  


The Rule of Law

Olly- This is to keep things equal. If you follow the law, you won't be arrested. 

Theo- It would be chaos without rules and laws.

Kai- We can still have peace and freedom but within the law. We have to follow them. 

Emre- We have to follow the rules to keep the peace. 

All- We have to follow rules. We follow rules at this school. 



Kaydon- This is a conversation to vote for things. 

Luca- If one person decided things, it might cause arguments. 

Theo- It is a vote. We voted for each other for the school council. Sometimes we vote to do either Maths or English first. Parliament has to vote for new leaders. 



Pupil voice conducted with our RE ambassadors in March 2023