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Y 5

Dear parents/ guardians.

The staff in year 5 are : Miss Simpson (Teacher) , Mrs Bray (Teacher) and Mrs Whitehead (TA).

Our PE days this year are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child 

comes to school in PE kit on these days. 


Children who are Self - Isolating

Work to complete at home if you are well enough/ have no COVID symptoms. 


Please email any work to


Tuesday 1st December- 

English- work through the units on Streetchild

Maths- Solving problems with time -

Computing-  Work through the units on databases.


Monday 30th November-


English - Work through the lesson on apostrophes

Maths- Look at converting between seconds, minutes and hours

Science- Forces and how we measure them.


Friday 27th November-

English- Create 5 sentences for each non finite clauses. Remember they begin with to, ed, ing. 

E.g- To get to school, I take the bus.  Walking to school, I dropped my lunch. Frightened of the dark, I turned on the light. 

Maths-  Solve these short multiplication problems:

37 x 7                            56 x 4                             28 x 9

27 x 8                            22 x 7                             92 x 3

19 x 3                             82 x 4                            39 x 8

PE- Complete a Joe Wicks PE workout.


Thursday 26th November

English- Write out the sentences and insert speech marks and commas into the correct places:

Mum said  What a lovely day. 

I don't like sandwiches shouted my sister. 

Josh bellowed It's playtime!

How are you today? asked my friend.

It's beginning to drop a little cold outside shivered mum. 

I can see for miles! shouted Emily from the top of a hill. 

I am the winner! declared the Iron Man.

Jim said I am so worried. I miss my ma a lot. 

I wonder if it will rain today pondered Luke. 

I had a great day at school I said. 


Maths-  Draw 10 rectangles and measure these. Find both the area and the perimeter of your shapes. Area= multiply 2 sides together.  Perimeter = add all sides.


Art- Research Anglo Saxon shields. Design your own!



Wednesday 25th November-


English- Write out the sentences and insert commas in the correct places:

1) Mike who needed milk went to the shops.

2) Scared for his life Steven hid behind a chair.

3) As it was raining the children had to come inside.

4) The flat which hadn’t had its electrics checked in years burnt down.

5) Finally leave the pie to cool for ten minutes before serving.

6) Because his car was in the garage Ben had to get the bus to work.


Find five synonyms  for the following words: Love – Beauty – Anger – Safe 


Computing- Read and work through this page on databases.



Tuesday 24th November -


English-Write out the following sentences and then circle all the relative pronouns

 1) John went to the match where he met his friends.

2) The film, which was shot in Mexico, won an Oscar.

3) I don’t like people who are cruel to animals.

4) We found the dog that belonged to Steven.

5) The river, that ran for several miles, was rather calm.

6) I found an injured rabbit whose leg was broken.



work through this online lesson.


Monday 23rd November- Research the jobs an Anglo Saxon did. Are they the same/different to jobs now? Create a little factfile.

 English- practise the following spellings: 

1. species

2. berries

3. dictionaries

4. cities

5. bullies

6. lorries

7. puppies

8. babies

9. families

10. ladies

Now use these to create your own sentences.

Maths- continue to practise your times tables. Then can you answer the following:

23 x 6=               71 x 9 =

32 x 4=               98 x 3=

45 x 7=               33 x 3 =

64 x 8 =              57 x 8 =

Friday 20th November- Research Hengest and Horsa and make a poster about the vicious brothers!

English- Write a descriptive piece about Anglo saxon houses. What did they look like? What were they made from? How were they decorated inside? Use yesterday's research.


Develop your prime number knowledge!


Thurs 19th November-  Design an Anglo Saxon house. You may need to research the house styles first!

English- Create 10 sentences using relative clauses. Remember they begin with relative pronouns, who, which, whose, that, where. 

e.g Th boy, who was five, had started school.

Maths- Practise your 8 and 9 times tables.


Please see the curriculum overview for this half term. Any extra work that the children do at home in relation to their topics will always be rewarded. 
If you would like a paper copy of any of the information below please let us know and we will be happy to provide one free of charge.