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Welcome to Class 3's Page 

Mrs Heeley and Mrs Bray will continue to renew the homework challenges. If you would like any help or would like to contact us during this school closure, please use our school email and we will get back to you ASAP.  and  

Mrs Bray has also sent all the children an email via Purple Mash and if they would like to send a message back please get them to log on.

Well year 3, that’s it! You have officially completed year 3 in the most peculiar of circumstances. We are so incredibly proud of each and everyone one of you. It has been a pleasure getting to see some of the fantastic work you have produced at home. I know that it has been a very tough time for both you and your parents/carers. You have amazed us at how resilient you have been and cannot wait to see you in September.  Parents/carers, thank you so much for your continued support and the incredible juggling act you have achieved. I think we all deserve a well-earned rest so we are fresh and ready for what the next academic year brings.

This last week is all about ‘summer time fun’ so I have attached a few activities to complete at your leisure, some of which you could enjoy over the summer. Please try and have lots of fun and enjoy the break. Keep safe.


Mrs Bray and Mrs Heeley.

Home learning 13.07.20

The theme for this week is ‘Things that move and things that go’. As last week, I have added some daily task and you can complete the daily activities for English, Maths and foundation subjects following the Bitesize website.


Check out the daily activities on


Check out the daily activities on


Things that move and things that go.

  1. Research the some of the following areas:
  • Why do things move?
  • What makes something stop?
  • Isaac Newton
  • Friction
  • Gravity
  • Speed/velocity

Make a form of presentation about them. This could be on a large piece of paper, powerpoint, a leaflet, or a poster.


2.Create a piece of art using things that move. This could be using balls rolled in paint, dip items into paint then drop them etc. a game with your family where everyone tries to stay still as long as possible. The last to move is the winner. Discuss why it is difficult to stay still.


4. Find an object such as a toy car. How could you make it go faster? Set up an investigation to increase the speed of the object. This could include making it lighter/heavier, a ramp with different materials, changing it shape in some way.


5.  Look at some of the following clips on bbc bitesize.


6. Make a marble run

Raid the recycling box and challenge your child to build a marble run by taping cardboard ramps and tubes to the back of a door. Masking tape will allow them to reposition parts easily, and is kind to paint! How long can they keep a marble going from top to bottom?

This activity gets children talking about gravity, friction and simple machines – even if they don’t know it! They’ll probably use ramps, and could build in other simple machines too, like a pulley over the door handle, a lever as a see saw, or a wheel and axle to create a spinning effect as the marble zooms past. Children love inventing, and this activity is lots of fun for the whole family.



Home learning 06.07.20

The theme for this week is ‘Our Earth’. As last week, I have added some daily task and you can complete the daily activities for English, Maths and foundation subjects following the Bitesize website.


Check out the daily activities on


Check out the daily activities on


Our Earth activities

Below I have attached factsheets and PowerPoint presentations about the different biomes/habitats on our planet. Choose one each day, read it and if you can look through the PowerPoint.

At the end of each PDF there are suggested activities which you could complete. These cover a range of subjects. Try and choose one that is English based and one that is creative/scientific.


Home learning 29.06.20

The theme for this week is Intake Farm Olympics. This week we would ordinarily have been celebrating our sports day, so this week I’ll add some sport related activities. As last week, I have added some daily task and you can complete the daily activities for English, Maths and foundation subjects following the Bitesize website.


Check out the daily activities on

  • What is your favourite sport? Why is it your favourite? Write a little factfile about it.
  • Which sportsperson inspires you the most? Create a biography all about them.
  • Thinking about a game like the egg and spoon race. If an alien was to land on Earth, write a set of instructions on how to play it.  



Check out the daily activities on

  • Survey your family to find out what their favourite sport is. Create a tally chart and graph of your choosing to display the results. Don’t forget a title.
  • Looking at your graph created, write down 5 questions you could ask about it. Eg. Which is the least favourite sport?
  • If you can, choose a sport such as tennis and practise your times tables. Each time you hit the ball back you must shout out the next number in the corresponding times tables.  You could extend this further and challenge your partner to answering questions, make sure you swap over and each get a turn.



  • Set up your own little circuit. Give yourself a set amount of time on each activity. Once you have completed it. Check your pulse. Count the beats in one minute. Repeat this for each activity. When you have completed, create a graph to show what happened to your heart rate.



  • During the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies each team carry out the National Flag. If you could create your own flag, what would it look like? What colours would you use? What images would it have on it? This can either reflect your personality or the particular sport you most like/enjoy.
  • Create a medal or medals in the style of the Olympic medals.



  • Have a go at your own mini sports day. This could include the running race, egg and spoon, an obstacle course, skipping, hurdles and/or relay.



Home learning 22.06.20

The theme for this week is flowers, plants and trees and luckily I think the weather is going to be great this week, so plenty of opportunities to get outdoors.  I have added the task for the whole week below, but will add a times table challenge, number of the day, handwriting practise and word of the day daily.

This week it is also National School Sports Week-stay at home.

Check out the Parent Home Learning page for PE link- The Rainbow Games for challenges the whole family can join in.



Check out the daily activities on This week starts reading and understanding texts.

  • Describe a visit to a creepy wood. Remember to think about using your sense to describe.
  • Can you create a poem about flowers, plants or trees? Maybe it could be a haiku. This is a type of poem from Japan. It has 17 syllables, 3 lines: line 1= 5 syllables, line 2= has 7 syllables and line 3 = 5 syllables.



  • Check out the daily activities on This week kicks off with turns and angles.
  • In nature you will notice patterns occur everywhere. Just look at a flower from your garden. What do you notice? Can you find this pattern anywhere else?
  • Thinking about nature and the patterns you can find. Can you create your own using natural materials from outside? I’ve added some examples below.




  • Can you draw and label the parts of a flower? If you can, you could also dissect a flower and label this.  Sheets are attached too.


  • If possible, collect a range of leaves and petals. Using these let your imagination run wild and create your own piece of art. This could be using them as prints, a collage, a stencil or even as a rubbing.  I’ve added the pictures below for inspirations.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you could have a go at pressing some of the flowers.


  • Think about and read your favourite story. Then think about what instruments you could us to provide effects.
  • Go outside and just listen. What can you hear? How does it make you feel?






Home learning 15.06.20

The theme for this week is all about the people who help us. I have added the task for the whole week below, but will add a times table challenge, number of the day, handwriting practise and word of the day daily.


Check out the daily activities on This week starts exploring poetry.

  • Create a leaflet about someone who might help us. Eg a doctor, crossing patrol, teacher, vet, nurse, fire fighter. Think about what their job involves, what do they do day to day? Do they work inside or outside? Do they need any special qualifications? Do they have special skills?
  • Most of you will us our school crossing patrol to cross the road.  Write a set of instructions on how to cross the road safely.
  • Write a story which involves someone needing to be helped. This could be fictional or maybe you have fist hand experience of a time when you needed help or you helped someone.



  • Look at the attached information on forces. One focuses on pushes and pulls and the other is a game about magnetic materials.


  • Using natural objects found around your garden or while you go for a walk. Create a portrait of someone who helps us.
  • This weekend it’s also Father’s Day, so why not have a go at making a card.


  • How have our jobs changed over time? Pick one job, person who helps us. Research how their role may have changed over time. Create a little fact booklet.





08.06.20- 12.06.20

Home learning 


The theme for this week is all about your favourite food. I have added the task for the whole week below, but will add a times table challenge, number of the day, handwriting and word of the day daily.



Check out the daily activities on This week starts with inverted commas.

  • Write a set of instructions for your favourite recipe. Make sure you include conjunctions to help organise. E.g Next, after that, before, meanwhile, firstly.
  • Create a menu for a monster. Describe what it would have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Write a song about your favourite food. If you want, you could also perform it. (I’d love to see)



Check out the daily activities on This week kicks off with equivalent fractions.

  • Create your own shop/café/restaurant. Make sure you include a menu with a price list. Then invite members of your family to role play buying items. Look at how much something costs them, what they will pay with, how much change they would get, discuss what you could by with that change, could you have paid with different coins/notes?
  • Choose you’re favourite recipe, while making these think about how you will measure things out accurately. If you total all the ingredients, what would that weigh? Could you half/double the recipe?
  • Choose a food group, such as fruit, now go around your house and find items in that group. Can you separate them and work out what fraction of each item you have? E.g. you collect 5 apples, 4 oranges, 6 bananas. So apples would be 5/15 or 1/3, oranges 4/15, bananas 6/15 or 2/5.



Thinking about a healthy, balance diet, look at the characters below and decide if they are making good choices.



  • Choose one of the recipes below and see if you can recreate it or go one step further and could you improve it? Don’t forget to evaluate it afterwards. Give it a score out of 10 and explain what you liked and what you would change.
  • Many artists draw/paint/create pieces of art based around food.  I have included some examples. Can you recreate your own masterpiece based around food?




  • Find out about the history of your favourite food. Where did it come from? Has it changed over time? How?


  • In order to make food we need items such as pots and pans. (Sorry in advance) Why not collect a few items together and create your own percussion band. Think carefully about what you chose to make sure you have a range of sounds.






  • Using the spellings from this week, create a story. It can be anything type of story. Don't forget to use adjectives, adverbs, fronted adverbials, conjunctions and paragraphs.
  • Word of the day: ancient.


  • Magic number: 435.
  • Complete the times table check.



This term we would have been focusing on inspirational people from the past. This week I'd like you to learn about Martin Luther King. I have included a comic book style story below for you to read. Once you've found out about him, talk to someone. What made him so inspiring?



Look at the picture below. What is happening? Where are they? What might happen next? What are they both thinking? What are they feeling? Would you like to be there? Why/why not?




  • Word of the day: passage.
  • Keep practising those spellings and try the pyramid challenge.



  • The magic number is 360.
  • Continue to practise your 7s and have a go at the challenge below. 


  • Research Andy Warhol. Can you recreate a piece of art in the same style?




  • Write a review for a book you've recently read. What was it about? Was it fiction or non-fiction? Who is the author? Do you know anything about them? Would you recommend it to your friends? Why/why not?
  • Word of the day: abandon. Can you write the definition, use it in a sentence, think of some synonyms (words that have a similar meaning) and antonmys (words that have the opposite meaning).
  • Practise your handwriting.


  • The number of the day is 159. Repeat the same method from the previous days.
  • Practise those 7s still and have a go at completing the puzzle.



  • Can you create a map of the area you live? This only needs to be a few streets nearby. You could go on a walk first and make a note of all the street names, count houses, note down important landmarks (e.g. church) and even plot bus stops, rubbish bins etc. If you don't fancy a walk try google maps to help you.





  • Think of a place you've been on holiday or a place you've visited in a book. Can you design a travel poster for the location.
  • Practise your handwriting. Use the sheet below.
  • keep learning your spellings.


  • Magic number of the day is 225, do what you did yesterday. A copy can be downloaded below.
  • Keep practising your 7 times tables.



  • Choose your favourite song. Why do you like it? Do you enjoy the lyrics? Is it the melody? The instruments used? Explain to someone or write a brief paragraph explaining you choice.



Home learning 01.06.20


We hope you’ve enjoyed half term and made the most of the spectacular weather we are having. From this week we will commence with providing home learning on a weekly basis. We will upload work onto the website directly, continue to select PurpleMash activities and links to website which are aiming to support pupils/parents for the foreseeable future.


  1. Write a story about the picture 



 Use the following questions to help you plan:

  • Who is the story about?
  • Where is the story set?
  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How will it be resolved?


2. Practise your handwriting using the provided printable sheet.

3. Look at the word of the day and complete the following:


4.Look at the spelling list. Can you write a definition for each word? Don’t forget to practise them and test yourself at the end of the week.




This week I thought it would be nice to try something new and I will be providing you will a number of the day.  I would like you to complete the following with each number:


I’d also like you to practise your 7 times tables and complete the activities below:



Optical illusions. Check out the printable sheet on optical illusions. Isn't amazing what our eyes can do?


Websites to support home learning


I will put links to websites which you may find useful to use as an alternative to the above,  or if

things are going well and/or you need extra work. Provides daily lessons. games linked to key areas of the curriculum. a selection of videos, games and activities. This site has a downloadable activity booklet, with answers included. It is also mobile phone friendly. a range of resources.



This week's theme is Fairy tales. I hope you enjoy but again only do what you can and don’t feel like everything has to be completed.



The activities below can also be completed on PurpleMash if you’d prefer to work on the computer.

  • Hans Christian Andersen wrote several fairy tales, many of which you’ll be familiar. Write a fact file all about him. Don’t forget to include: his most famous stories, where and when he was born/died, where he got his inspiration from, maybe a moral from one of his stories, your favourite story and why you recommend it.
  • Create your own fairy tale. Remember to include: a title, characters with lots of description, the setting, the plot; with a beginning, middle and end.
  • Watch the following film
  • Create a dialogue between the two shoe makers. Don’t forget to use “” and a new line for a new speaker.



This week the focus is fractions again. As before work through a day at a time.

I placed the link to BBC Bitesize this week, as the White Rose site is no longer providing worksheets. You will also find links to English and topic based work. If you’d like to look at these please do.



  • Design and if possible create your very own edible house. Just like the one found in Hansel and Gretel. What will you make the walls out of? Will it be sweet or savoury?
  • In Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Goldilocks sits on all the chairs. Find a chair and sketch it. Can you draw in 3D using blending and shading to show depth and perspective?
  • Create a 3D forest picture, like the one you might find in Little Red Riding Hood. Use twigs, leaves and other materials found outside. You could even add in a wolf if you’d like.








This week's theme is ‘The Circus’. I know many of you have been before or if not will have possibly watched The Greatest Showman. Use these experiences to help with your learning this week. I hope you enjoy but again only do what you can and don’t feel like everything has to be completed.



The activities below can also be completed on PurpleMash if you’d prefer to work on the computer.

  • Imagine you are a clown for the day, what will you get up to? What will you look like? What might you be thinking?
  • Using the images attached choose one and then describe what is happening. Think about using adjectives, adverbs, conjunction and fronted adverbials.
  • Create a poster for the circus coming to Mansfield. Remember to include when, where and what attractions will be there. The aim is to encourage people to come so make sure its colourful, bright and has detailed information.


This week the focus is on multiplying and dividing. Please work through each lesson a day at a time.

As a bonus can you create your own times table song. I’d love to see/hear these if possible so do email them over to me.



  • Design and create your own juggling ball. I’ve attached some criteria to follow and a design sheet.
  • Can you make a Big Top tent? There are lots of ideas on the internet but here are a few pictures to give you some ideas.




Why not have a look at Cosmic Kids Yoga and complete Pedro Penguin goes to the Fun Fair.




Home Learning 4/05/20


This weeks theme is 'Outerspace' which I know a lot of our children are interested in. There will be plenty of things for the children to do on purple mash so please continue to look at that. 



-  Write a report of one or more of the planets.  Think about the types of sub headings that you can write under. 

- Write a story about the day you went to space.

- Write a diary entry of an astronaut.



- Complete the Mars the red planet reading comprehension. 

- Read the power point on Apollo 13. 



- Complete the Year 3 mental arithmetic space themed sheets. 

- Complete the space themed multiplication sheets.

Like last week work through the lessons a day at a time. 



- Have a go at drawing all the different planets.

- Write about all the different planets. 

- Can you create a planet using your artistic skills, this could be through drawing, painting, model making or paper mache. 


Home Learning week commencing 27/04/20


From this week going forward, we are going to be providing home learning based on a different theme each week. The theme for this week is 'The jungle' which is very useful as we've already covered a topic on rainforests. We will continue to put a link to White Rose/Bitesize for maths. Don't forget to check out Purple Mash if you want any extra work or would prefer to do the work set on there. I am updating it weekly with new tasks. 



  • Using the word mat can you create a poem to describe the jungle/rainforest?
  • Watch ‘How the Tiger got his stripes’ Discuss what sort of story it is – folktale. Choose your own animal from the rainforest. Recreate your own story of 'How the ... got his/her...' Research your animal first and make list of features including the animals habitat. When it comes to writing your story don't forget to include interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs
  • Complete the Roald Dahl's  Propsposterous Plants worksheet. 




Maths Like last week, work through these lessons a day at a time.

We hope you’ve all had a safe and lovely Easter break with lots of chocolate eggs. As this is what would have been the start of summer term 1, we will now begin uploading activities each day for you to complete when you can. Please don’t feel pressured to complete them all. They’re here to help support you and give you some ideas. 
We will also set tasks on Purple Mash each week covering a range of subjects. 

Home Learning Week commencing 20/04/20


Topic- This term we would be learning about the Romans. This week research Rome and create a fact file all about it. This can also be completed on Purple Mash if you’d prefer to use a computer. 

Maths-  Why not practise your 4 times tables using the following song from YouTube

White Rose have teamed up with BBC Bitesize and will be uploading lesson presentations and activities to complete each week. Below is a link to this weeks unit, Fractions. Please work through one lesson each day. The activity and answers are both available to download.


English- Work through this unit all week. We don't expect this to be completed in one day so take your time. We will not upload any other English work for the rest of the week, so just complete the attached booklet.

English unit- Trolls

Home learning challenge





Have a look at the art activities and choose one of these to have a go at. This is the PDF at the bottom of the page that says sketchbook work.  



Please continue to learn your spellings at home. Put these words into sentences.  Who can make the most interesting sentence using as many of the words? 



Write a story about finding an Egyptian tomb.  What do you find? Who do you go with? Remember to include a beginning, middle and ending.  Think about how you are opening your sentences and remember to use paragraphs to separate your ideas.  
















Create a Fortnite character: draw it, make it out of play-doh, paint it, make it out of lego, or any other method you would like. Once you have done this can you describe it? Write a few paragraphs explaining what they look like and what they can do, including any crazy dance move.


Make your own maths treasure hunt. Think about everything you already know and use this. 


In a space or outside complete: 30 jumping jacks and rest for 30 seconds, run on the spot for one minute and rest, 10 press ups and rest, hop on each leg for 30 seconds each and finally 20 squats. Repeat 3 times.


If possible log in to Purple Mash and finish your Egyptian maze. Log in details can be obtained from the office.

Home Learning Challenges: Printable

Reading at home

Reading is so important and we need you to keep reading at home. 

Please fill in your child's reading diary every time you listen to them read. 

Get the children to write book reviews of the books that they have read.

Take pictures of your children reading in silly places and stick them in to their reading diaries. 

Put a television series on and get them to read the sub titles. 

We can not stress how important it is to read at home! 


Art Skills for Year 3/4

This half term we are going to be focusing on writing about the Egyptian Gods. We are going to be writing non-fiction information based on this topic.  We are also going to be writing our own Egyptian poems (acrostic, haiku and rhyming poems)  



In maths, we will be continuing to focus on Fractions. Measures, Multiplication and Division.   Please continue to learn your times tables at home. The children also need to make sure that they are forming all their numbers correctly.  



Our topic this term will continue to be based on the Egyptians and finding out about Tutankhamun.  We will be finding out about where in history the Egyptians happened and talking about the changes that have happened over time. The children will be investigating the mystery of King Tut and questioning what might have caused his death. 



This half tern we will be looking at ‘Desert Life’. The children will be learning about the different habitats of animals living within the desert and the types of animals that live there also. 



PE is on a Thursday and Friday.  We are looking at Dance this term.  The children will be learning all about Rock and Roll and developing their own routines.   Whilst the weather is cool we will be doing the lessons in the hall.  The children must make sure that they have suitable PE clothes with them on both these days.  We recommend that the children bring their PE kit in to school and leave it so that they don’t forget it.



Children will receive their spellings every Friday and will be tested the following Friday. Children who get 8, 9 or 10 spellings will receive a full merit. The child will be told their score before their next spelling test.  We have tested the children on their spellings in class and from these assessments we have given the children spellings which they are not always spelling accurately.  The children need to not only spell the words correctly in the test but also within their writing. We thank you for your help and support with this as it is an area which we are targeting.


Achievement Award




We will be continuing to improve on the attendance and hope that your children come to school every day as this helps with their learning.  Please also try and make sure that they arrive on time at 8:40 am and are picked up at the end of the school day.  


Home and School Relationship

Those children who are reading at home are making a lot of progress in school which is fantastic. We do look through your child’s reading book to check that they are reading at home. Please could either you or your child make a note in their diary when you have read. We are thankful for all the support you give us in school. Please continue to come and see one of the team with any worries or concerns at the end of the day. We also thank you again for the hard work that you are putting in at home for the children’s homework. The children’s homework books look amazing. We do really appreciate all of your hard work and efforts and it is gratefully received in class. Just a reminder that the Egyptian homework does not have to be handed in until Wednesday 1st April.

Class 3's Amazing Work

If you would like a paper copy of any of the information below please let us know and we will be happy to provide one free of charge.

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 3 Expectations Booklet for parents

Reading at home guidance

Our Key Dates: 


Break up for half term: Friday 

Inset Day: Monday 30th October

Children come back to school: Tuesday 31st October

Parents Evening: 14th and 15th November

Christmas activity morning at church: Tuesday 5th December  

Our Plan for the Year

Autumn Term Plan and Coverage

Autumn Newsletter

Eight Times Table Song (Cover of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor)

Mr. DeMaio and friends cover All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor in this fun multiplication video that can be used to help you memorize your eight times table! Have fun learning the 8's while singing along to your favorite song! Music Composed by Mike DeMaio, Mike Vadas, and Aaron Santoro with additional vocals provided by Corey Markowitz.

Two Times Table Song (Cover of Rude by MAGIC!) with Classroom Instruments

Mr. DeMaio and friends rock out to a new multiplication song for the two times tables over the hit song Rude by MAGIC! Learn your 2x table facts in this fun video for children that uses familiar tunes to teach important math content. Enjoy.