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Religious Education


Our teaching of Religious Education follows the guidance given in the latest Agreed Syllabus for Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire:


Religious  Education for All

The Agreed Syllabus for RE in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire



Using this agreed syllabus for Religious Education, we enable our pupils to discover more about religion as well as other world views as we assist them to apply their learning to a range of topics. Our pupils are encouraged to express ideas and insights into key questions which face all of us as we travel through life. They will take part in lessons, and could also receive visitors to school sharing a range of religious viewpoints and undertake their own visits to varied places of worship.  

Through these experiences they will gain insights and knowledge to help equip them as responsible citizens, ready to contribute positively to our society and the wider world.

The three-fold aims of RE in Nottingham City and the County will ensure that our pupils:

  1. know and understand a range of religions and world views which will allow them to recognise the diversity which exists in our city and wider society;
  2. are able to express ideas and insights  about the nature, significance and the impact of religions and world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues;
  3. develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views.


By following the Agreed Syllabus, RE will also contribute to a whole range of school priorities. Study of religious and world views will also promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development, and will support pupils’ understanding of British Values such as acceptance and respect for others who hold different world views.

If you would like to know more about the agreed syllabus, a copy can be made available for you to read in school. Please contact Miss Simpson for more information.

Y3 church visit October 2023

Y3 had lots of fun at the church for the harvest festival. 


KS2 Bible Exhibition- June 2023

This week Key stage 2 visited the Bible exhibition being hosted at the church. The exhibition was extraordinary and there was so much to see and explore, from models to scrolls to tents and Jewish shofar tubes. Key stage 2 were impeccably well behaved and very respectful to the volunteers at the church. A massive thank you to the church for inviting us to their wonderful exhibition and a huge well done to the children for their excellent participation and behaviour.



Year 3 church visit -  28th March 2023



Year 3 visited the church on Tuesday to explore the story of Easter. The children had a wonderful time and made this fantastic piece of art, which was shared in assembly. Well done Year 3!



Y5 Church Visit - Jan 2023

Y5 visited the church to explore how Christians use the church to worship. We looked at features of our local church and how they are used. We compared any similarities or differences with other churches in our area. As the church does not have any stained glass windows, we created our own. 

We explored the work of the church within the community and the wider world. We discussed the outreach projects taking place to help others. This enouraged us to reflect on how less fortunate some children are. 



Y1 Christmas workshop: Christingle

On Tuesday 29th November Y1 visited the church. They listened to the nativity story and discussed gifts at Christmas. They talked about what each part of the Christingle represents. They sang songs, played pass the parcel and said a prayer. A great visit!

Y3 Church Visit: Christmas Workshop


Y3 visited the church on Tuesday 29th November. They explored the journey to Bethlehem and the variety of groups involved in the nativity story. They prayed and made a star and an angel during their visit. 


FS2 Church Visit: Weddings

FS2 visited the church on Tuesday 15th November. They talked about weddings and some of the vocabulary associated with this ceremony. The children were given roles to play and the class acted out a wedding. They discussed promises and how important this promise is. They got to 'sign' the register, before singing hymns and songs to celebrate.

Remembrance service 2022

Y6 Church visit: Communities

We visited Chris Frith at church who spoke to us about three of the many things the church does to support the community.

We have discovered that the local church supports the elderly community through their ‘Free to Be’ sessions on Wednesday morning during term time. We had four visitors from this project who spoke to us about how it helps them.

We have also discovered that the church helps the homeless community through the Beacon Project. This project allows the homeless access to food, washing facilities and clean clothes.

We have also learned that the church supports charity work abroad in countries such as Uganda, Brazil and China where they work to allow young people to live safer lives.