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Coming to school and going home

Hi all.
I hope everyone's had a lovely summer holiday.
Welcome back to school!
Just a quick message about the start and finish of the school day.


Children in FS1, FS2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4.
We ask parents and carers to please accompany their children to the classroom door in the mornings at the start of school. We also ask parents to collect from the classroom door at the end of the day. Siblings of 14 yrs and older are also permitted to accompany the children.

Children in Y5 and Y6
Children in Y5 and Y6 frequently come to school and go home by themselves or in groups. That is entirely at your discretion. Whilst we recognise that many of our children are becoming more independent, we know that some parents prefer to accompany their children to and from school. If you are happy for your Y5/Y6 child to walk to and from school by themselves, there will be a permission slip coming home today for you to sign. We cannot allow Y5/6 children to walk to and from school unaccompanied unless the slip is signed.
Thanks for your continued support.
Julian Fieldwick - Headteacher.