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Foundation Stage 2


Welcome to FS2!


Our teachers in FS2 are:


Miss Hough (Teacher)

Miss Eyley (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Mudarra (Care Assistant)

Mrs Thacker (Care Assistant)

Summer 2

Welcome back to your final half-term in FS2! 


Now that the weather is getting much warmer, please bring sun cream (that you can apply yourself), as well as a hat and water bottle, all with your name on.

Remember to bring your reading folder with your reading book and reading record inside everyday.

Library books will be changed on Fridays!



Our PE day is now Thursday!

This half term, we are really lucky to have a PE coach to teach us lots of new skills, every Thursday!

On Thursday, come to school in your PE kit ( blue, black or grey shorts/joggers/ leggings, a white polo shirt or t-shirt, trainers)

This half-term our learning will be based around the question 'What is sport?'

We will be learning about a range of different sports and sporting events such as Euro 2021, the Olympics and Paralympics!

Home Learning, if you are self-isolating


Please listen to your child read at least 3 times per week and record each read in their reading record with a short comment of how they go on.

In your child's reading record you will find guidance of what to work on and look for, matched to their book phase.


Please also help your child to practise the letter sounds and tricky word cards, that are in their reading folder.


Reading Snake 

This half term, we are starting a new reading reward scheme. Every child will have the reading snake, below, in their reading record.

Reading records will be checked weekly and reads will be rewarded with a stamp.

If children complete the snake, by maintaining 3 reads per week for the half term, they will receive a special prize from Mrs Barnston!


Check out our Positive Pants!


We now have a 'Positive Pants!' display in our classroom where we are displaying lots of positive things that children have done both at school and home.

We would love to hear from you the positive things that your child has been doing at home. For example, being a good friend, helping a sibling, learning to ride their bike, helping to wash the car, wash the pots or cook dinner.


Please share on Tapestry the positive things that your child has been doing so that we can celebrate these at school too!


We look forward to seeing your Tapestry posts!


Home Learning Menu 


For this week's home learning activities, 

click on the rainbow, then select this week's date!

Wellbeing activities













Pre-cursive letter formation

At Intake Farm we use cursive writing. We start in the Foundation Stage, using pre-cursive letter formation. This helps children to start all letters from the line and prepares children for joining letters later on.


Please use the rhymes on the document to help your child to practise forming letters correctly. 

Remember tricky words are words that we cannot sound out, we have to learn to recognise them by sight!



The following activities are in the attached booklet below:

  • Sing the alphabet
  • Practise saying the names and sound of the letters and  reading the tricky words that we have learned so far
  • Say the name and sound of our new letter 'w'
  • Listen to the 'w' Jolly Phonics song
  • What starts with a 'v' sound?
  • Read the alien words


Follow-up task

Practise writing 'w' on the letter formation page, on paper or in the SNOW!

Watch Alphablocks Phonics - Learn to Read | The Letter 'W' - YouTube



Sing 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears'

Recap the evidence found in the Three Bears' Cottage


Write a Crime Report describing the evidence found.

For an extra challenge write a statement from the witnesses (what did the bears see?)


Remember to write one word at a time. Sound the words out and write each of the sounds that you hear (it doesn't have to be spelled correctly). You can use the sound mat to find the right letters.



Please upload pictures of all of your work to Tapestry, we can't wait to see what you have been doing!

Some tasks are worksheets, however they can easily be completed by looking at them on the screen and doing the task with a pencil and paper, if you are unable to print them!


Wednesday 13th January



This week, we are beginning to learn about time!


Can you sing the days of the week song?

  • What day is it today?
  • What day was it yesterday?
  • What day is it tomorrow?


Sing 'Here we go round the mulberry bush'

What do you do each morning?


Follow up task

Can you sequence your morning routine?


You could do this by:

  •  Cutting out and ordering the pictures (print document below)
  • Acting it out and taking photos
  • Drawing and labelling pictures

Can you describe your routine using the words:

  • first
  • next 
  • then
  • after
  • before



The following activities are in the attached booklet below:

  • Sing the alphabet
  • Practise saying the names and sound of the letters and  reading the tricky words that we have learned so far
  • Say the name and sound of our new letter 'v'
  • Listen to the 'v' Jolly Phonics song
  • What starts with a 'v' sound?
  • Read the alien words
  • Write the 'v' words


Follow up task

Complete the 'v' letter formation page 



Recap the story

Who were the characters?

What happened?



Can you help the Police?

  • Look at the evidence from the Three Bears Cottage
  • Describe and label the evidence
  • Can you use adjectives (e.g. huge, large, medium, small, tiny, hard, soft lumpy etc)


Please encourage children to sound the words out and write the sounds that they can hear. The words should be spelled phonetically, the do not have to be spelled correctly.

Children can use the sound mat to identify letters and form them correctly.



For example: "tiny, empty bowl"


Tuesday 12th January

There will be no live lessons today but there are plenty of activities for you to try, including Phonics, Literacy, Maths, Independent Learning, PE and Outdoor Learning activities!



Comparing size 

Can you find things in your house that are big for Daddy Bear, things that are medium for Mummy Bear and  things that are small for baby bear?


Can you count how many objects you find for each bear?


Play the Teddy bear counting game: Learning to Count up to 15 with Teddy Numbers Interactive Maths Game (


Complete the path to the Three Bears' Cottage by filling in the missing numbers



Recap the phase 2 phonemes (sets 1-5) use the flashcards or play Phonics Pop 

Practise reading tricky words




Try the I spy and read worksheet- can you blend the sounds and find the picture 

Match the picture to the word Pick A Picture ( 

Read the words Short Vowel Word Machines (

Read the sentence Peg the Hen (




Practise writing your phase 2 letters and tricky words

Choose a picture and write the word in the phoneme frame. Look carefully at the size of the box. (cvc phoneme frames)



Make masks or puppets of Goldilocks and the Bears.


Recap the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears. 

Can you retell the story and act it out, using your masks or puppets?




Can you learn the rhyme: 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears'


Upload pictures/ videos to Tapestry to show us what you have been doing!


Outdoor Learning Activities

  • Go on a Scavenger hunt- Can you find things on the list below?
  • Ask your grown ups for some old or spare bowls, cutlery, cooking utensils and pans to take outside and create your own Mud kitchen - Can you use flour, oats or natural materials and water to make your own porridge?
  • Make a nature wrist band - wrap masking tape   (sticky side up) or paper  around your wrist and stick on natural materials.

Independent Learning Activities


  • Draw or paint a picture of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Make character masks or puppets
  • Have a teddy bears' picnic
  • Cook some porridge. Can you get it to taste "just right"?
  • Sing some Nursery Rhymes
  • Sing counting songs (5 Little Speckled frogs, 5 Little Ducks, 5 Gingerbread men)
  • Make some playdough
  • Make a dice
  • Play dominoes
  • Practise writing your name



Autumn 1

We have been learning about the real superheroes, who help us everyday!

We took on the role of Police officers and detectives to investigate the crime of our stolen dinosaurs!

Campfire Day!