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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mr J Fieldwick Headteacher


Mr T Priestley Deputy Head Teacher 

Miss H Fletcher Assistant Head Teacher 

Mrs L Smoczyk 

Mrs Lamb

Mrs L Barnston 

Mrs S Bailey (SENCO) 

Mrs Bray (currently on maternity leave)

Miss Marriott (maternity cover)

Miss Brough

Miss Chapman

Miss Fish

Mrs L Wilkinson (PPA cover)



Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Wilkinson (HLTA) Senior Teaching Assistant

Miss N Poole (HLTA)

Mrs L Lewis (HLTA and Parent Liaison)

Mrs M West

Mrs L Toon

Mrs H Nelson

Mrs N Scott

Mrs N Lindley

Mrs W McMillan 

Mrs L Whitehead

Miss Stone

Mrs Eyley


Admin Staff

Mrs J Robinson

Mrs A Simmons (office manager)



Mr A Johnson


Breakfast Club Coordinator

Mrs A Churchman


Kitchen Staff

Mrs E Woodbridge

Mrs S Jones

 Midday staff 

Mrs D Webster Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Fenton                        Mrs H Hackett

Mrs A Churchman             Miss M Norman

Mrs L Towers                    Mrs L Wright

Mrs L Routledge                Mrs R Ford