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Week 6: 08/02/21

This week, our learning will be based around the story of 'Cinderella.'

Independent Learning Activities

In FS2 we learn through play. Between the live sessions, try some of the practical and play-based activities below that can be done inside or outside!


  • Measure your feet and shoes using objects (e.g. coins, bricks, cars) whose are longer or shorter?
  • Make sandwiches for the buffet at the ball
  • Make a castle
  • Small world play with a castle and people- Can you retell the story of Cinderella?
  • Make a carriage for Cinderella
  • Create a crown/ jewellery to wear to the ball
  • Create a magic wand
  • Can you create your own magic spells?
  • Design some new shoes for Cinderella or for you
  • Try the Cinderella cosmic yoga (152) Cinderella (app preview) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube
  • Make a Valentine’s day card for someone you love (grownup, sibling, pet, friend)



Friday 12th February is Chinese New Year

Try some of the Chinese New Year activities below:

  • Make/ eat some Chinese food (noodles, prawn crackers, spring rolls etc)
  • Explore messy play with noodles soaked in water
  • Can you use chopsticks? Can you pick up noodles or small objects using chopsticks?
  • Make a Chinese paper lantern
  • Make a Chinese dragon puppet
  • Make a paper chain dragon
  • Can you copy Chinese letters to write your name?
  • Watch the videos to find out more about Chinese New Year Chinese and Lunar New Year - CBeebies - BBC