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Week 2: 01/03/21

This week our learning will be based around the story of 'The Bad-Tempered Ladybird' by Eric Carle.


Independent Learning Activities:

In FS2 we learn through play. Between the live sessions, try some of the practical and play-based activities below! Most activities can be done inside or outside!



  • Make a leaf rubbing
  • Make a leaf picture
  • Make a ladybird


  • Go on a minibeast hunt- can you find a ladybird?
  • Can you make a home for a ladybird and other bugs?
  • How many different leaves can you find? Which one would the ladybird like?
  • Can you share out leaves for the two ladybirds?


  • Play “I spy” with a selection of minibeasts (pictures) - can you describe them? Can you guess the minibeast from the description?
  • Talk about what makes you bad-tempered or grumpy
  • Talk about what is kind and unkind
  • Play the supermarket memory game but change it to “I played in the garden and I found...” taking turns to recall each of the things said and adding another thing each time (vegetable, minibeasts etc)

Read and Write

  • Make a list of minibeasts that you find
  • Draw and label minibeasts

Get Active

  • Can you move like different insects? Flutter like a butterfly, slide like a snail, creep like a beetle…
  • Help do some gardening, digging, watering plants inside or outside- can you find any mini beasts?
  • Help your grown-ups with cooking – Can you help chop the vegetables?