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Week 1: 22/02/21

Welcome back!

This week our learning activities will be based around the story of 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French.

Independent Learning Activities:

In FS2 we learn through play. Between the live sessions, try some of the practical and play-based activities below! Most activities can be done inside or outside!


  • Vegetable printing - cut potatoes or vegetables in half, dip them in paint and print onto paper. Can you make a pattern?
  • Make a veggie face by arranging different vegetables on a plate
  • Make vegetable people - Can you decorate vegetables and give them faces?
  • Set up a role play fruit and veg shop - Can you be the shop keeper?


  • Try eating a vegetable that you haven’t tried before!
  • Can you name the different vegetables (use real vegetables or photos) - Are there any vegetables that you do not recognise?
  • Play the blindfolded vegetable feely game – Can you identify the vegetable by feeling its shape and texture?
  • Taste vegetables- Can you identify the vegetable from its taste?
  • Count the vegetables in your house- How many carrots do you have? How many Potatoes? Which do you have more or fewer of?
  • Compare the length/ size/ weight of different vegetables - Can you identify which are bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, heavier, lighter?


  • Play “I spy” with a selection of fruit/ vegetables (can you describe them? Can you guess the vegetable from the description?)
  • Talk to your grown up about and sort healthy and unhealthy foods
  • Discuss foods that you like and dislike
  • Play the memory game “I went to the shop and I bought...,” taking turns to recall each of the fruit/ vegetables said previously and adding another vegetable each time.

Read and write

  • Play the initial sound shopping game
  • Write a shopping list
  • Write name labels for the vegetables in the garden

Get active

  • Help do some gardening, digging, watering plants inside or outside
  • Help your grown-ups with cooking – Can you help chop the vegetables?