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There are no live lessons today. Follow the instructions to complete the tasks in any order.


Maths- Complete one of the maths sheets on bus stop method. Look through the questions to choose which level you are at with this. If you would still like to do some of the 2 digit numbers, I have put some on the slides. Use the slides as a warm up first.


English- Look at my modelled writing about the jungle. Create your own piece of descriptive writing. Aim for at least 3/4 of a page. 


Guided Reading- Read the information on solar panels. Answer the questions from the powerpoint. 


Science- Use the information of all planets in the solar system to fill in the table of information. Pick out the relevant information. Your grid should be full by the end. 

Use this modelled writing to help you to create a jungle description. Use your plan from yesterday. Aim for around 3/4 of a page.