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Wednesday 3rd March

Wellbeing Wednesday!

Today is 'Wellbeing Wednesday.' These sessions will have a focus of developing pupils wellbeing through completing a wider range of activities.


These activities may be based on learning outdoors or learning a new skill.

Where possible, these activities will take place away from any screens.


Please see the suggested activities below as well as the independent learning activities on the previous page!


Today's Phonics session is pre-recorded, to allow you to watch it at any time throughout the day, without disrupting your Wellbeing Wednesday activities!

You can find the recording on Teams on the FS2 Team posts or in the 'Files' section, 'Class materials,' 'Wednesday 3rd March.' Or try the activities below!


Lesson Input (if you did not access the recorded lesson)


  • Practise reading the tricky words: I go no to the into he she we me be
  • Sing the tricky words song


Read and write our new trick word 'was'

Can you say some sentences using tricky word 'was' with your grown-up? 

Can you spot 'was' in the  Phase 3 tricky words song


Reading tricky word 'was' in sentences


Write tricky word 'was' in a sentence


Follow-up Task

  • Practise previously learned graphemes on  Phonics Pop
    • Phase 2: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss
    • Phase 3 : j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng 
  • Play tricky word bingo with your grown-up
  • Spot the tricky words in your books
  • Practise reading and writing tricky words


Try some of these phonics games!