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Wednesday 3rd February

Wellbeing Wednesday!

Today is 'Wellbeing Wednesday.' These sessions will have a focus of developing pupils wellbeing through completing a wider range of activities. These activities may be based on learning outdoors or learning a new skill. Where possible, these activities will take place away from any screens. Please see the suggested activities below!


A live phonics session will take place on Teams at 1:10, the rest of the day is for you to try some of the tasks below at your own leisure.



  • Sing the Alphabet song-  Can you name the letters?
  • Recap the letters previously learned: Can you say the letter name and sound and perform the action? Focus particularly on the phase three letters, more recently introduced.
    • Phase 2: s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r h b f ff l ll ss   
    • Phase 3: j v w x y z zz qu ch ai sh
  • Recap the tricky words previously learned:
    • Phase 2: I to and no go the into 
    • Phase 3: he she we


  • New digraph (two letters that make one sound) 'th'- say the sound and do the action (sticking your tongue out) teach both pronunciations th (hard sound as in 'this') th (soft sound as in thumb)
  • Sing the Jolly Phonics song
  • Practise writing 'th' with different body parts or in different places
  • Which words have a 'th' sound? 


  • Read the words, Can you spot the 'th' digraph?


  • Write the words using the 'th' digraph