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Wellbeing Wednesday

For this morning, choose an activity from the Wellbeing Wednesday document, or choose an activity of your own.

You should spend this morning away from screens, doing something outdoors, something creative, something to keep your mind and body healthy.
Guided Reading

Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Skill: use a range of comprehension skills.

Read "The Witches" extract.

1. Why are Real Witches so hard to catch?
2. What do witches hate?
3. What is the motto of all witches?
4. Why do witches never get caught disappearing children?
5. Why are witches so dangerous?
6. This is the opening to a story - what has the author done to make you want to read on?

7. Which words have been used to make witches sound scary? Find as many as you can.

Wellbeing Wednesday:

Social time: at 2:00 there will be a social meeting in the Chatter channel. You will be able to have your camera on. This will be a time to just have a chat with your friends. We will also be able to play some social games if you want. J Looking forward to seeing you all!