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WC: 28/06/2021

This week our learning is based around the story, 

'Max the Champion'


We will be promoting our British Values, learning to respect others, who are different to us. We will be learning about he Paralympics and considering how adaptations can be made to allow all to participate.


Please try the learning activities below, over the week, and upload photos of these to Tapestry!


Task 1 

Max The Champion

Listen to the story: 'Max the Champion'

Talk about what Max is doing on each page.

What is he imagining?


Task 2

Recap the story

  • What did Max do?
  • What sports was he imaging that he was doing?


What was your favourite part of the story?

Write about your favourite part of the story.

  • Write in sentences. 
  • Rehearse your sentence.
  • Write one word at a time, using your phonics knowledge and sound mat. Use finger spaces between words




Task 1 

Our number of the week is 19

Watch Numberblocks Nineteen


Can your write the numeral 19?

Can you spot the number 19 in your house?

Can you find nineteen objects?


Independent Learning Activities

  • Practise letter and number formation using chalks, crayons, paint or in flour or salt.
  • Draw or paint a picture of a sport (football, tennis, swimming, basketball, gold, running, cycling etc)
  • Thread beads or cheerios onto spaghetti
  • Make and play with playdough. Can you roll it into a ball?