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WC: 21/06/2021

This week our learning has a friendship and kindness focus and is based around the story, 'A Gold Star for George'


Please try the learning activities below, over the week, and upload photos of these to Tapestry!


Task 1

Listen to the story 'A Gold Star for George'



  • How did George feel when he didn't win any stars?
  • What did his friends do?
  • How did George feel when his friends did this?


Task 2

Recap the story

What were the animals given stars for? 

What are your friends good at? What would you give your friends a star for?


Can you decorate a star and write a sentence to say what you would give your friends a star for.

Remember to:

  • Sound out the words independently and write the letters
  • Use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops
  • Use  a sound mat to help you form your letters



Task 1

Watch Numberblocks S4: Eighteen

Can you find the numeral 18 around your house?

Can you count 18 objects?

Can you write number 18?

Can you write any number sentences to make 18?



Task 2

Discuss what do you think double means?

Watch Numberblocks: Double Trouble



Task 3

Recap -  What are doubles?

Try one or more of the following activities to identify and count doubles:

  • Find doubles on dominoes
  • Roll doubles with 2 dice
  • Play snap, matching quantities on cards
  • Play matching pairs
  • Count out pairs of socks, then split the pairs and count the socks
  • Complete the dominoes on the sheet below


Practise singing the Jolly Phonics songs

Practise the Tricky Words Song


Play some of the Phase 3 phonics games on Phonics Play


Practise your cursive letter formation- watch and copy the letter formation Sky Writer - mobile friendly (


Practise writing captions for the pictures.

Play-based activities

  • Make medals or rosettes for your friends or family members
  • Decorate/ paint stars
  • Create your own talent show and take turns to perform a talent or act as a judge (singing, dancing, football skills, hula hooping etc.)
  • Make and play with playdough
  • Bake star shaped biscuits