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WC: 15/03/21

This week our learning is based around the story of Yucky Worms!



Listen to the story.

Yucky Worms! Read Aloud Children's Book

Read Aloud Children's Book. Yucky Worms! By Vivian French, illustrated by Jessica Ahlberg.

Can you write some worm facts ?

Say your sentence and sound out each word.


Can you find worms in your garden?


Can you find something longer than a worm, something shorter?


Can you make a worm from playdough or Cheerios?


Watch Numberblocks S2: Odds and Evens

What is an odd number? What is an even number?

Can you sort numbers into odd and even?

What do you notice?


Practise recognising letter sounds by playing Phonics Pop


This week we are learning the letters j v w x 


Practise saying the sounds, writing the letters and reading and writing words with these sounds in!