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Tuesday 2nd March



Input (if you did not access the live lesson)

  • Recap the story of The Bad-Tempered Ladybird
  • Discuss what happened (the ladybird looked for bigger creatures to fight with but, each time,  it said that they were not big enough)  
  • Compare the behaviour of the ladybird at the start and end of the story
  • Discuss the meaning of new vocabulary 'aphids' 'insist' 'bad-tempered'
  • Can you join in with repeated refrains? ("Want to fight?" "If you insist" "Oh, you're not big enough")


Follow-up Challenge 

Can you write speech bubbles for the bad-tempered ladybird and another character?




Input (if you did not join the live lesson)

Play phonics pop to recap previously learned phonemes 

See pdf below for lesson input


Follow-up challenge

Practise writing 'ee' digraph and words with it in.


You could use paper and pencil, chalk, a stick in the mud, playdough, tray of flour or salt, sand etc. or the sheet below.

Active Afternoon


Try some active maths as well as some of the Active Tuesday Activities below!


Active Maths 

  • Can you count ten jumps, claps, hops etc.
  • Can you make a hopscotch? Can you say the numbers as you hop on them?
  • Can you jump on the number your grownup says?


  • Can you throw pairs of socks into a basket? How many did you get in? Separate the socks, how many individual socks are there altogether? You should have double the number of socks as you do pairs!