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Tuesday 26th January


Warm up

  • Practise counting to 10 and then 20 in different voices (whisper, shout, deep, squeaky, robot)- Can you show the numbers on your fingers?
  • Practise counting down from ten and 'blasting off' in your rocket!



You will need a dice and a pile of objects (use an online dice Random Dice! ( or make your own if you do not have one)


  • Take turns to roll a dice and count that number of objects
  • Compare who has "more" and who has "fewer" or do you have the "same"? Can you say it using these words?
  • Go again. Repeat a few times.
  • What happens if you add one more or take one away - who has more or fewer now?






  • Phase 2 phonemes (sets 1-5)s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r h b f ff l ll ss   
  • Phase 3: j v w x y z zz
  • I spy initial sounds (j v w x y z)  (attached below can be used on screen or printed)



  • Play the read and race game (j v w x y z zz)


  • Practise reading and writing High Frequency words* and Tricky words**
    • Read and write the words on the bingo game (phase 2 HFW inc tricky words)
    • Or
    • Ask your grown-up to hide them around the house for you to go on a word hunt- read and write the word that you find!


  • Tricky words 
    • Phase 2: I go no to the into
    • Phase 3: he she 
  • High Frequency Words (see document below)


*High Frequency Words are common words that are decodable by sounding out and blending. There are 26 high frequency words to learn in phase 2.

**Tricky words are common words that have unusual spellings therefore they cannot be sounded out. There are 6 tricky words in phase 2.

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  • Listen to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' (On Youtube, Teams or ask your grown up to read it)
  • Can you make masks or puppets and retell the story?
    • What did the Big Bad Wolf say? "I'll........"
    • What did the pigs say? "No!" "Not by the ......"


  • Which was the best house? Why?

The Three Little Pigs - Give Us A Story!

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