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Skill: interpret information.


Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Skill: to plan a narrative.

(Please make sure to watch the lesson first for this activity).


Task: plan your story.













Beginning – set the scene, introduce characters.






Introduce problem – what issue do the characters have?




Complication – what makes the problem hard to solve?





How do they solve it? (Remember, the trickier it is for them to solve, the more satisfying the solution it)




Ending: what happens after the problem has been solved? How does it affect things?



















Guided Reading

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Skill: to use a range of comprehension skills.


Read pages 50-end


1. Why did one boy not put his hand up when the children were asked if they hated going to the dentist?

2. Why does Alfie put his hand up as high as it will go, and then onto the floor?

3. Why does Alfie hate going to the dentist?

4. Why are Alfie's legs shaking as he moves to the front of the hall?

5. What does 'abhorrent' mean?

6. Miss Root says the toothbrush is a 'nice, soft one'. Does her description of the toothbrush she gives Alfie match what it is really like?

7. Which of the meanings below matches the word 'emblazoned'?


really obvious writing       tiny writing          red writing

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