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Guided Reading

Read 11-14

1. What piece of furniture did Lucy climb into?

2. What did Lucy keep walking forwards through the coats.

3. Where did Lucy end up?

4. What did she find in the woods?

5. Find and copy a word/phrase that describes how Lucy felt.

6. Find and copy three phrases/words to describe the Faun.

7. Why do you think the Faun was surprised to see Lucy?

FA: multiply these numbers by 10: 5, 4, 84, 65, 13, 874
CH: divide these numbers by 10: 80, 90, 460, 510, 3980, 7460
CH+: multiply these numbers by 100: 5, 46, 897
       divide these numbers by 100: 800, 6400, 53100
NS: Multiply these numbers by 1,000: 9, 84, 631 
       Divide these numbers by 1,000: 5000, 89000,       
NS+:    45 can be divided by 10. Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Task: Write a conversation between your character and someone else. You can set it before the time machine, or after the time travel.

You can have only two pieces of simple speech ("Blah blah," said Person).
You need to have at least 5 sentences with description ("Blah blah," said Person as they did this) ("Blah blah!" They waved their hands.)

Use an atlas/maps to locate the areas requested on the sheet. (Below as a pdf)