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Guided Reading

Thursday 14th January 2021
Skill: use a range of comprehension skills.

Read 6-9

1. What does Paddington like to eat?
2. What did the writing on Paddington's label say?
3. Why does Mrs Brown think they should take him home?
4. What will Paddington have for breakfast every day?
5. Why is Paddington excited by Mrs Brown's promise?
6. Is this story set in today's London? How do you know? 



Skill: To identify place value.

FA: what whole numbers can you make with the digits: 2, 5, 3, and 7? (You can only use each number once)


CH: Using the numbers you made in FA, order them from smallest to largest.


CH+: What is the underlined digit in each of the numbers below worth? (what does it stand for?)

3,568        4,951        3,256           849      746


NS: Tom says that the 5s in 3564  and 3654 are worth the same (stand for the same thing). Is he right? Explain how you know.


Thursday 14th January 2021

Skill: plan a narrative


What and why are you tidying? Feelings about tidying.






Time machine

Where do you find the time machine? What does it look like?






Time travel

How does the machine turn on? What happens when you time travel? How does it feel?





Back in time

Where do you end up? What is it like there?










Your character CANNOT get back home. Why?






How does you character deal with being stuck? What do they do?


Back home






How does your character get back home? Do they get back home?



Game developer project – introduction and ideas.

Skill: to explore ideas


We are going to create our own games using PurpleMash’s 2DIY3D program. These games will include at least 3 different levels (Maze, obstacles, monsters). Sprites, walls, floors, etc. will all be created using your own designs, not the designs already available within the program.

For this first lesson: your task is to come up with ideas of what your levels will look like, what your sprites may look like, and what your background features (walls, floors, ceilings, etc) will look like. You should not use the program 2DIY3D at this time.