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Skill: to interpret bar charts and pictograms.


FA: complete any corrections for yesterdays work.


Thursday 4th March 2021

Skill: use description effectively.


Today, pick a section of your plan and write it as a full story. Remember, you are trying to make it scary, so include lots of description!


Challenge yourself: don't use the words, scary, frightened, scared.


World Book day!


This afternoon there will be no live lessons. Instead, we are asking everyone to celebrate world book day by sharing a book and having a go at some of the fun activities in the letter below. :)


World Book Day 2021

We understand that World Book Day is a little different this year. We are really going to miss seeing all of you in school dressed as your favourite book character. We are however looking forward to celebrating this special day with you at home and would love you to get involved with some of the activities below. Please feel free to still dress as your favourite book character and send us a photo! Please email any photos or work that you complete to your class teacher, as we would really like to create a display in school to show case some of your amazing work. This year the theme for World Book Day is Share a Story.

Why not call/facetime a family member or friend to share your favourite story with them. What is their favourite story? Talk about the story and ask each other questions. Create a quiz for them to see if they can answer questions about your story.

There is also a competition running online at There are prizes for you and our school to win so get creative and share a story!!

If you are in FS or KS1 visit to listen to a range of different stories. Can you complete the activities set for each story too?

Why not have a go at building your own reading den? Set up your den inside or out. Can you decorate your den with fairy lights, bunting etc? Snuggle up and read your favourite story with a hot chocolate. Share some photos with us.

Use resources from and make your own story.

Become a bookworm for the day. Challenge yourself to read as many books as you can throughout the day. Write book reviews for each book and make a window display to show case your favourite reads.

Get crafty and create characters, props to make a story sack for your favourite book. For example, The Three Little Pigs. Create three houses from recycled boxes. Make three little pigs and a wolf. Act out the story using the props.

Get baking and take part in a book bake off. Can you create a cake from a story? For example, you could create some buns for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandma, or you could bake some Gingerbread men. Be careful when you open the oven though as your Gingerbread might escape!!

Make a character from a favourite book using a potato.

Check out the World Book Day website for a selection of different activities.

When your child returns to school, they will receive a book token to purchase a book for £1. We are really looking forward to seeing your amazing work so have fun and get reading!

Mrs Barnston