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Spring 1 Week 2 Dentist

Spring 1 Who can help us?


Week 2 WC: 10.01.22


This week we are learning about oral hygiene and how dentist help us to take care of our teeth.



Watch 'Topsy and Tim Our Teeth'


Discuss with your grown-up:

  • How long should you brush your teeth for?
  • Who checks your teeth?
  • What are milk teeth?
  • What happens when milk teeth fall out?
  • How can we look after our teeth?


Write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.

Make a leaflet explaining how to care for you teeth.



This week we are exploring the composition of numbers to five and comparing them.

Find 1-5 toys and share them between you and your grown-up.

Can you find a different way of sharing them?

How many do you have each?

Who any altogether?

Compare who has 'more' or 'fewer' or are they 'equal'?




Play Phonics Pop to practise your letter sounds.


Practise reading high frequency and tricky words High Frequency Bingo


Go on a sound hunt.  Can you find things starting with any of the letter sounds we have learned? Choose one sound at a time and look sound your house/garden.

s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r f l h b v w x 


Practise writing the letters and digraphs we have learned so far.

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r f ff l ll h b v w x 

Sky Writer - mobile friendly (


Practise writing these simple words, using your phonics.

See the sound mat below to support your letter formation.



Phase 2 and 3 Sound Mat Print.pdf


Sing the tricky words song

Ask your grown up to hide tricky words around the  house for you to find.

Choose or find a tricky word and think of a sentence using that word.

Practise writing tricky words.