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Remote learning

Please check timings - they have been updated slightly!

Daily Timetable

Please be aware that live lessons will be at the times stated (or as close to as possible) and that children should work on activities for around 40 minutes to an hour. This is reflected in the live lesson start times. If you are unable to attend the Live lesson, recordings of the lessons are available in the 'Files' tab of the teams page.


  • 9:15am - Guided Reading
  • 10:30am - Maths
  • 1:00pm - English
  • 2:15pm - Other subject (Monday: PSHE/RE, Tuesday: Topic,  Wednesday: Science,  Thursday: Music/Art  , Friday: PE)


Please photograph and email work to me, or use PurpleMash to complete your work.


Lesson Tasks can be found by clicking on the days below (I've tried to tidy the system up a little).


Please note: if you are not able to attend the Live lesson, recordings of the lesson can be found in the 'Files' tab of the Year 4 Teams. The questions/tasks for Guided Reading, Maths and English can also be found there as a download/printable.