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Please try and listen to your child read 3 times per week.

Log this by uploading a video and comment to Tapestry.



As we are not currently able to change books at school please we will be using the Oxford Owl eBooks. 



These eBooks can be accessed from any device. Login on the 'students' tab, using the class login details below:


Username: IntakeFS2

Password: IntakeFS2



Click on Oxford Owl eBook Library 


Click on 'levels' and select Book Band 1: Pink


Select a book and start reading!


Remember you can read the same book lots of times until you are really good at it.

Try these reading comprehension activities!

Phonics sounds and tricky words


Phonics Sounds  

You should all have had a sent of phonics sounds to practise at home. We would normally practise these in school too and move children on to the next set when confident. Practise these one set at time.

Can children say the letter name and sound? Can they match the pictures to the initial sound?


Phase 2

Set 1: s a t p

Set 2: i n m d

Set 3: g o c k

Set 4: ck e u r

Set 5: h b f ff l ll ss


Phase 3:

Set 1: j v w x

Set 2: y z zz qu

Set 3: ch sh th ng


It would be great to see videos on Tapestry of children practising these too!

Tricky Words

Tricky words are common words that have unusual spellings, therefore they cannot be sounded out. Please try and practise recognising the tricky words by sight. We have learned all of the 6 tricky words in phase 2 and have begun learning some in phase 3.


Start by practising the phase 2 words and add more, when you are confident!


Phase 2: I go no to the into


Phase 3: he she we me be was my you they her all are 


High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words are common words that are decodable by sounding out and blending. There are 26 high frequency words to learn in phase 2 that children should be able to read once they are confident with the phase 2 letters and sounds.