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New staggered times

New staggered times from Thursday 11.03.21

FS1                 8.30                     2.55


Y1 and Y2      8.40                     3.00


Y3 and Y4       8:45                    3.05


Y6 and Y5       8:50                    3.10


FS2                   8:55                    3.15


These are our new revised staggered starts. We have listened to all concerns that parents and carers may have, and we have adapted the start and finish of the day. We have tried to do it in a way that should reduce crowds and bottle necks.

Classroom doors will open at the times stated above. They will stay open for ten minutes at the start and end of the day. This is to help if you have children in different age groups. The doors will not open earlier than stated as we found this was having an impact on the health and wellbeing of the children who were either waiting for their peers or parent/carer to arrive.

If you have to wait for a door to open, please ensure you do this in a socially distancing way.

If you have to go against the flow to collect/drop off a child, please do this in a socially distancing way.

We ask that you do not arrive on premises until your door is due to open, thank you.

We ask that all parents/carers continue to wear face coverings. Only one parent per family please.

We appreciate the feedback you have given us, and we hope this will help us move forward together.

Together, we can achieve anything!