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Monday 1st March


Input (if you did not access the live lesson)

Practise counting on your fingers to 10 then 20 in different voices

Watch Numberblocks S2:E9 Double Trouble


Discuss the episode: 

  • What happened?
  • Which numbers did you see?
  • What does double mean?


Follow-up Challenge

Can you find some objects (e.g. dinosaurs, cars, socks)
Pick a few, then double them (two equal groups)
How many do you have altogether, now?

Can you write the number sentence? 2+2=4




If you have dominoes. Can you identify the dominoes that are doubles? 

How many dots on each side?
How many altogether?


If you do not have objects or dominoes at hand (or are in school) try the dominoes doubling sheet below)



Input (if you have not accessed the live lesson)



  • Practise previously learned graphemes (flashcards or play Phonics Pop)
    • Phase 2: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss
    • Phase 3 : j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng 
  • Practise reading the tricky words: I go no to the into he she we me be


Teach (see pdf below)

Digraph ai

Sing the Jolly Phonics song ai 

Practise writing 'ai' with different body parts or materials

Look at 'ai' words



Write 'ai' words



Read the sentence

Follow-up Challenge

Practise writing the 'ai' digraph

Can you write any 'ai' words?



Input (if you did not access the live lesson)

Read or listen on Youtube to the story of the Bad-Tempered Ladybird


Discuss the story and key vocabulary

  • What happened at the start?
  • What should the Bad-Tempered Ladybird have done/ said?
  • Is the Ladybird kind or unkind?
  • What did the Bad-Tempered Ladybird say each time? 
  • What did the other creatures say back?


Follow-up Challenge

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

By Eric Carle