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Guided Reading

Imagine that you found a machine in a cupboard in your house. When you switched it on, it took you to another time and place! Where could you end up?




5 sentences about what/where you are tidying and how you feel about it.

3 sentences describing the machine, how you find it, what it looks like.

2 sentences describing how it turns on.

3 sentences describing what happens when you do turn it on.

2 sentences describing where you end up and how you feel/react to being somewhere else.

Model example


I hate tidying up. Especially when the mess isn't even mine! Grumpily, I pulled all of the dusty boxes out of the cupboard under the stairs. Ten minutes ago, Mum had asked me to help her clear out some of the old things that had been left in the house. Happy to help, I'd nodded. I wouldn't have if I'd known this is what I'd have to do.

I was reaching in when one of the boxes fell out with a crash. Curiously, I pulled it towards me. It was a strange metal machine. I picked it up. As I did so, I accidentally pressed a button. 

Suddenly, there was a big flash of light. The ground started to shake. All I could hear was a strange loud noise. In the blink of an eye, I was stood on a muddy path. It was near a forest.  


How do people show what they believe?


How do different people show that they belong to a religion? Think about clothing, jewellery, how people act, music, and art.


Create a mind map of your ideas and knowledge, then do some research and add to your mindmap using a different colour/pen.