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Skill: to create a table of information.


From a window, or from your front garden (with parents’ permission), count how many different cars you can see of different colours for around 10mins.


FA: create a tally chart to track how many cars of each colour you see.


CH: Which was the most common colour? Which was the least common colour?


CH+: What is the difference between the most common colour and rarest colour you saw.


NS: How many cars were silver or black?


Monday 1st March 2021

Skill: identify adverbs.


Adverbs are words that describe how an action (or verb) is done. They often (but not always!) end in –ly. (You can use to help you remember what adverbs are.)


Task 1:

Answer each question with a sentence that uses an adverb. Use the Adverb Word Bank to help you.


Adverb Word Bank

cheerfully sadly shyly happily gently angrily hungrily


a) How did your brother play?    

He played ….


b) How did your mum say goodbye?       

Mum said goodbye…


c) How did the dog bark?             

The dog barked…


d) How did the kite fly in the breeze?



e) How did your dad tell you off?




Task 2: identify the adverbs in the sentences below.


Aaron’s father sang the song loudly.

The small girl eagerly licked her ice cream cone.

The angry bear in the forest growled menacingly.

The captain quickly boarded the boat anchored in the harbour.

The sneaky snake slithered swiftly and silently.

Kiran is an extremely good dancer.

Guided Reading

Monday 1st March 2021

Skill: discuss author's word choices.


Read pages 43-49



1. What do we know about Miss Root? (You must find at least 7 things)

2. What impression does the author's description of Miss Root give you?



Monday 1st March 2021

LO: identify body parts involved in eating and digestion.


Task: Draw a human and label the parts of the body that help them digest food (the picture does not have to be perfect). Make sure that you use scientific names for your labels.