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Friday 26th February

There will be no 'live' lessons today as both Miss Hough and Miss Eyley are in school.

There will be pre-recorded Rainbow Grammar and Maths lessons available to watch on Teams or you can try the activities below!


Please  upload pictures of you learning to Tapestry!



Practise counting actions, saying the number names in order as you perform the actions.

Can you do 10  claps, jumps, clicks. stamps, nods?


Recap Numberblocks yesterday

Partioning 6 into equal groups. Discuss that partitioning means sharing and equal groups means that each group has the same amount.

Discuss/ model sharing six (two threes, three twos)

Discuss/ model sharing eight (two fours, four twos)


Try the 'Feeding Minibeasts' worksheet or practise sharing 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 toys/ objects in your house!


Rainbow Grammar


Recap phonemes learned so far (play phonics pop)


Look at and discuss the vegetables in the pictures.

Can you describe them? What do the look like? What do they feel like?



Choose one vegetable to write a sentence about.

Plan you sentence verbally, then sound out one word at a time and write the sounds that you can here. Use the sound mat to help with letter formation.

Remember to use finger spaces between words.


When you have finished your sentence, work with your grown-up to try and underline each part in the Rainbow Grammar colours.



Green - Subject (who or what you are writing about)

Orange - Predicate (what the subject did or what happened)

Red - Stop (full stop)