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Foundation Stage 1


Hello, Hope you are all staying safe. 

I will Keep renewing the homework challenges.

If you would like any help or would like to contact me during this school closure please use my email and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Mrs Cox 


Pet theme week  1/6/2020


Listen to the story read by Julia Donalsdon called The Odd Pet 


What kind of pet would you like? Could you make one up? for example a Hamog a hamster and a dog combined so it is small enough to carry around but does tricks and follows instructions. Write and draw this in your homework book.


We are looking at the number 10. Watch numberblocks number 10. Can you find 10 different things in your garden? e.g. flower, grass, ball ...


Can you draw write the numbers 1 - 10 with water on your drive, patio or pavement. Can you jump on them and say their name before they disappear? 


Zog had 10 eggs, can you decorate an egg shape and give it arms and legs? What would you call your Zog?


How to care for a pet.

Can you write a list of 5 things we need to do when we have a pet?


Have a look in your food cupboards can you find any labels that begin with the letter p for pet? 


Show me a picture of your pet if you have one. Tell me all the things you like to do with your pet? 




Story time: The Odd Pet by Julia Donaldson | Oxford Owl

Circus themed week 11/5/2020


Hope you are all well and staying safe.

This week I will be ringing you and having a catch up with you and your grown ups. I can't wait to talk to you all.


Letter of the week C. 

Can you find 7 things in your house or garden that begin with C? 


Number of the week 7 

Find 7 toys, can you write the numbers 1-7 ?

Can you move your toys around e.g. 3 on the bed and 4 on the floor and it still makes 7 , or 2 on the bed and 5 on the floor and it still makes 7?


Listen to the story Night Night Circus. can you write down in a list all of the animals in the story?


Can you paint, draw or make a model of one of the animals in the story?


Can you find out a fact about one of the circus animals? Where do they come from? What do they eat?


Can you be part of the circus? Can you juggle with some balls? Can you balance on one leg? Can you ride your bike or scooter around in a big circle?



Nighty Night Circus - a lovely bedtime story app for kids

🍎 iOS: 🤖 Android:

Space Themed Activities and VE Day 

week beginning 4th May 2020


Listening and attention 

Listen to the book If I were an astronaut. (see below)

Can you answer these questions?

How many space suits were there?

Can you read upside down?

What food did they eat?

How do you become an astronaut?

Get your grown up to write the answers in your homework book, or write them in an email and send them to me.



Have a look around your house can you spot the letter a in any words or labels. e.g baked beans has 2 a's in the word .

How many can you find? 



write your name 5 times 

write a sentence about the story.



count down to blast off, can you count forwards and backwards to 10?

Can you draw a hopscotch outside and do moon jumps from one number to the other?


Shape, space and Measure 

Can you make a rocket? 

You can draw one on a piece of paper or make a 3D one.



Dancing Milk 


VE Day


We are celebrating VE day on Friday .

Can you make a Union Jack to wave in your street on Friday?

Don't forget to send me a picture if you are celebrating VE day.

I have attached a VE Colouring sheet for you to print off and colour. (see below)

I have attached a very simple video link about VE Day. 



We are missing you all very much and would like to see a drawing of you drawn by you with your name on it. I know you are all fabulous at drawing.

Mrs Cox, Miss Poole and Miss Eyley.


If I was an Astronaut


Free and safe and happy!

VE Colouring

Week beginning the 27/4/2020


As a school we have decided to look at different topics every week. This week we are looking at the jungle.


Listening and attention 

I would like you to listen to the story of Elmer the elephant read by the author David McKee. (Story below)



Can you retell the story that you have listened to to a grown up?

Can you tell them what was your favourite part of the story?



Elmer was a special elephant. Can you write in a sentence, using letter shapes and the phonemes you can hear what makes you special? Ask your grown up they will know why you are special, perhaps it is because you always give good cuddles, or you help tidy things away, or you bake the best cakes.


Number and shape.

Can you use squares of paper to make your own Elmer 

How many red?

How Many blue?

How Many green?

How many yellow?

How many squares did you use all together?

Stick it in your homework book or take a picture and send it to me on my email above.


Understanding the world 

Can you find out where elephants live? 

What do elephants eat?

What other animals live in the jungle with elephants?

Draw and label the animals.


I would really like to see your work and celebrate it here at school. Looking forward to seeing your challenges soon

Mrs Cox 

Time for Storytime: David McKee reads Elmer

Sit back with your little one and let the wonderful author-illustrator David McKee read from his successful and much-loved picture book, Elmer. Filmed & edit...

Week beginning 20/4/2020

Good Morning. 

I hope you managed to enjoy the sun during the Easter holidays and that the Easter Bunny found your house.


This half term we will be looking at the topic of water. 



This week I would like to you to think about where we find water. Can you make a list?

Write it in your homework book ( if you have no space left in your book please ring school and we can arrange to get you one)



Have a look through your books at home, read with your grown up one about water. It could be a pirate book or about animals that live in the sea. Send me a picture of you reading your favorite water book. 



The number we are going to concentrate on is the number 1 - listen to the numberblocks number one song. Can you then roll a dice and find one more than the number you have rolled, you could use your toy cars or teddies to help you. It would be great if you could send me a photo of you doing your one more activity.


Understanding the World

Take the washing up bowl outside, can you find which objects around you float and sink. Draw in your book 2 things that float and 2 that sink. Ask the question why did they float?



Can you make a boat to float in your washing up bowl or bath. Take a picture and send it to me so we can put it on the home learning wall.



Homework Challenge 1/4/2020


Can you draw an Easter basket and put eggs in for everybody who lives in your house?

Can you label the eggs with your family names?

Take a picture and send it to me on my email which is at the top of this page.

Homework Challenge 27/3/2020


Reading and Writing 

listen to the story of Handa's surprise again. Can you make a list of the different fruits that you heard in the story. 



Can you draw your favourite fruit. I would like to see it. Get your grown up to take a photo and send it to my email address. I will then be able to show your drawings on this page.

I look forward to seeing them. 



Fruit drawing

Fruit drawing 1

Homework Challenge  26/3/2020


Reading and Writing 

Read the story Handa's Surprise, or watch on the link below.

Tell your grown up which part of the story you enjoyed the most. 

Have a go at writing/ mark making a sentence about the story.


Can you take a photo of your writing and send it to me on the above email address?

I look forward to reading them.

Mrs Cox 


Homework Challenge 25/3/2020


Watch the numerblocks number 8, join in the song ( I know it's one of your favourites )

Where can you find the number 8 in your house?

Draw 8 apples in your book. 

Homework challenge 24/3/2020


How many challenge  

Can you count how many steps there are from:

The front door to your bedroom?


The kitchen to the living room?


The bathroom to the kitchen?


Your bedroom to the Living room? 

Have a go at recording the answer in your book


Listening challenge 

listen to one of the cbeebies bedtime stories and tell your grown up which part you like the best.



Homework Challenge 23/3/2020


Shape challenge 

Can you find around your house different shaped objects? Write/draw them in your homework book.

2 square

2 circle 

2 triangle 

2 rectangle 


Reading Challenge 

Read a book with your grown up


Writing challenge 

Write your name and a have go at writing your friends name in your book  


Homework 19/3/2020


Can you keep a weather chart for week?

Draw and write the weather in your homework book.


Write your name in your book pinching your pencil at the bottom.


Read a story with your grown up, talk about your favourite  character. 

Home challenge 18/3/2020


Can you find 6 things that start with the letter l and write a list in your homework book?


Can you make find 3 toys and put them in order of size?


Can you write your name? Remember to pinch your pencil at the bottom.


Outside activities

Outside activities 1 Fun in the Autumn leaves.
Outside activities 2 Making a water rocket during science week.
Outside activities 3 A visit to the Post Office.
Outside activities 4 Posting a letter.
Outside activities 5 Den making in our outdoor area.
Outside activities 6 Finding a way out the den.
Outside activities 7 Through the tunnel that the children made.
Outside activities 8 Enjoying the see-saw.


Displays 1 We are learning the names of shapes
Displays 2 Letters and sounds display, h for house.
Displays 3 We painted pictures of ourselves.
Displays 4 We learnt about the sense of touch.
Displays 5 We talked about sharing using this story.
Displays 6 The role play area
Displays 7 Elmer
Displays 8 Our memory quilt.
Displays 9 Little Red Riding Hood writing display.