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Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to FS1 

The teachers are 

Mrs Helen Cox  - Deputy headteacher 

Miss Natalie Poole - HLTA and Language Lead 


Welcome to the new school term.

We are now starting the first full week back and are excited to see you all.


This is what we are learning about this week 


We do Fresh air activities every day, so please bring appropriate clothing e.g. sun hat or rain coat


Please remember to label all your items, including water bottles and lunch bags.

Weekly Planning




This is our new online learning journey.

You should all have a login now.

If you are a new parent whose child started nursery (virtually) in January and would like to access this please email me and we can sort out login details.

We would like to see things that you do at home, for example going out for a walk in the winter weather and talking about the seasons and how things change.

If we get enough snow, build a snowman.

Writing your name outside using a stick to write it in the show or ice, or using on the condensation off the window to write your name with your finger.

Baking with your adult, we would like to see your lovely tasty treats.

Perhaps you are reading a story to your teddies.

Maybe you are matching up the socks before they go away in your draw.

I would like to see you riding your bike or scooter.

You could playing a board game with your family - Yahtzee is my favourite.

You could help set the table for tea, making sure everybody has what they need to eat their meal

You could help to write a shopping list.

If possible I would like you to post a picture 2 or 3 times a week on Tapestry so we can keep in contact with you.

We miss you all very much and hope to see you soon 

Mrs Cox and Miss Poole 



World Book Day 4th March 2021. It ia a bit different this year, but see if you can complete any of these tasks. Happy world book day

World book day

Week 2 spring 2        1/3/21

Topic in the garden

Book The bad-tempered Ladybird 

letter b

number 2 

Rhyme of the week - 2 little dickie birds 


The Bad Tempered Ladybird

listen to the story, then fill in the writing frame beneath about what you remember about the story

Writing frame - write about the book try to use letters shapes and the initial sounds that you know


b Jolly phonics

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Two Song

One and Two learn everything is better in pairs! Watch the video and complete the tasks below

counting and the number 2

life cycle of a ladybird Read the life cycle and complete the task below

cutting skills, make a spring tree

CBeebies Songs | Something Special | Dicky Birds

Listen to and sign the song two little dicky birds .

Ladybird Craft , Can you make a ladybird out of materials you have in your house?

Make a clock

Spot the difference

Spring 2 

Week 1


Topic  In The Garden 

This week we are looking at the book Oliver's Vegetables. 

Listen to the story and think about the following questions when the story has finished.

1.What was the only thing that Oliver liked to eat at the beginning of the story?

2. Can you remember all the vegetables that grandpa grew?

3. What is your favourite vegetable? 

4. Can you remember the days of the week? Can you say them in order?

Oliver's Vegetables

Before you watch ask yourself where potatoes come from

This week we are looking at the number 1  ( 1 more )

and the letter v


CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number One Song

Number 1, what is there only 1 of in your house?

Jolly Phonics V


Oliver's Vegetables write a shopping list with your grown up, concentate on the initail sound and try and write it by yourself

Days of the week, can you put the days of the week in order and draw one of the foods you ate on that day next to it?

Make a potato person

Learn the vegetable song

Week 6  8/2/2021

Jack and the Beanstalk and Chinese new year 

This week we are learning about the letter j and the number 10

It is also the start of the Chinese new year - the year of the Ox 

Remember when you have completed the activities you need to upload your photos to tapestry. You are all doing really well at this.

We are so proud of your home learning 

There is also a challenge on Tapestry for you to work on , so login and find out what it is!

Mrs Cox and Miss Poole 

Jack and the Beanstalk - The Children's Story

Listen to the video then read the story below. Are the stories the same?

Grow a bean plant. Have a go at growing a bean. We have beans and pots at school if you need them.

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Ten Song

Listen to the song and complete the number activities below

Jolly Phonics J

listen to the song and write j

Art and Craft. Can you make a castle in the sky or a magic harp?

Jack stole the hen who laid golden eggs, Can you make a fairytale charatcer out of an egg?

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

Listen to the story and see if you can remember the order of the animals.
Can you act out the story using your toys?
If you do we would like to see a picture or video of it.
There are some activities below for you to do.

Week 5 1/2/21

Goldilocks and the 3 bears 

This week we are learning about the number 9 and the letter g. There is also a challenge on Tapestry for you to try. 




Read the story with your grown up then put the story in the correct order

Make a new chair for Baby Bear

Write a sorry letter to the bears from Goldilocks

Can you make a bear Biscuit?

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Nine Song

Listen to the song and complete the number 9 activities

Spot the difference

Make some porridge, What flavour do you like?

Can you continue the pattern

Can you act out the story of the 3 Bears

Count and write the number

Write your name every day 

Well-being activites

Home Learning Week Beginning 25th January 2021

The 3 Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Listen to the story with your grown-up, talk about the materials the pigs made their houses out of

Sequence the story and write a sentence about each picture. Your grown-up can help you.

Can you learn the song about the 3 Pigs? upload your video onto tapestry

Can you make each of the pigs a house?

Jolly Phonics W

Letter of the week is w, sing the song and practise writing the letter w wherever you are. If we still have snow I would like to see you writing w in the snow.

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Eight Song

Learn all about the number eight. What can you find 8 of in your house? Can you find 8 gloves, socks, spoons, cups or something else?

Spot the difference

Making a repeating pattern, What can you use in your house to make a repeating pattern? Take a picture and put it on Tapestry

Making your own house. Can you make a den in your house?

Home Learning Week beginning 18th January

Little Red Riding Hood 

Complete the activities below and remember to upload them to Tapestry.

Read the story

Talk about the characters.

Who is your favourite character and why?


Red Riding Hood Story

Sequence the story 

Can you put the story in the correct order? 

Sequence the story

This week we are looking at the letter r 

what objects can you find that begin with r in your house? 

Can you write the letter r every day in a different place?

R Jolly Phonic

Phonics Challenge 

Can you complete the outdoor phonics challenges on your daily exercise?

Phonics challenge

Wolf art. Can you make a wolf from things you can find at your house?

This weeks number is number 7

Complete the number 7 activities.


number 7

Heavy and Light 

Do you think that Red Ridings hood basket was heavy?

find a can of beans or soup or any food in your cupboard.

Can you find 3 things heavier than the can and 3 things lighter?

complete the heavy and light sheet.


Heavy or light

Make the pathway to grandmas house from objects/toys you have in your house.

Intial sound matching, you do not have to print these off, just point to the correct answer with your grown up.

Writing activity 

Write a shopping list 

what would you take to grandma's to make her feel better?


Grandma would really like a cake. Can you make a cake for her with your grown-up?

Little Red Riding Hood Story Read Aloud | Twinkl Go!

Check out Twinkl Go! here: for animations, games and more.Your voice is an important tool - It's easy to overuse it when yo...

Home learning 

Week beginning the 11th January 


This week we will be looking at the  Fairytale Cinderella.


Read the book with your grownup using the PowerPoint below. 


Write a part invitation, who would you invite to the ball?

Art and Design


Can you make a castle using items from your house? 

Remember to post the picture of your completed castle on Tapestry.


Letter of the week p


listen to the jolly phonics song and complete the p activity.

Collect all the objects that you find around the house that begin with p.

Jolly Phonics Song - p

Jolly Song:Puff out the candles on the pink, pig cake,/p/, /p/, /p/; /p/, /p/, /p/. Puff out the candles on the pink, pig cake, Puff! Puff! Puff!

Pencil Control activity 


Can you carefully follow the lines?

Remember to pinch your pencil at the bottom.

The number of the week is number 6


Listen to the numberblocks 6 song and complete the 6 activity

Numberblocks - The Number Six | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Subscribe for more Numberblocks: to c...

6 activity



Can you colour the different shapes on the pizza? 

Have a look round your house can you find objects that are the same as the shapes on your pizza?

Helping around the house


Cinderella had to do lots of jobs around the house. 

What jobs can you help your grownup with?

Take a picture and put it on Tapestry

Turn-taking activity 


Look at the pictures with your grownup, take it in turns to spot the difference in the picture.

Spot the difference

Who has the biggest feet?


Find a pair of shoes from each person in your house.

Can you put them in size order? 

Can you draw round them, and write the name of the person to who the shoe belongs?


Shoe ordering

Dice game.

Play a dice game with your family, every time a six is thrown your whole family has to clap 6 times before they make their move.

Take a picture and upload it to Tapestry.

Name writing 

Remember to write your name at least 3 times a day.



There are work packs available if you would like to collect one from school. Please ring or email me if you would like one. 

Stay safe 



Week beginning 04/01/2021

Home learning 


Hello, and Happy new year. I hope you are all staying safe. 

Below are some activities to do with your child at home. If you do anything at home, not just the work on here, and want to share it with me you can email it to me or you can show me what you are doing on the new online learning journey Tapestry. I look forward to hearing from you.



Listen to the story Once upon a time 

How many fairytale and nursery rhyme characters can you see?

Can you tell your adult what happened in the story?

Who is your favourite character

letter of the week O

can you find 5 things that begin with o 

listen to the o phonics song.

Write o as often as possible, you can write it with your finger in the air or on the floor or on your adult's back. 

If possible print off the o sheet and complete it.







Can you write a sentence about Humpty Dumpty? 

Where else could he sit instead of a wall? 

Humpty Dumpty sat on a horse.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a table.

Take a photo of the sentence you have written and send it to me.

Practise writing your name at least once a day.



We are learning about the number 5

watch Numberblocks number 5.

Can you count 5 teddies in your house?

Have a go at writing 1,2,3,4,5

Print out the number 5 worksheet, when you have finished it take a picture and email it to me.

Make the dice, throw the dice 5 times, what numbers did you throw?

Can you clap, jump, hop, stamp the correct number on the dice?


Art and design 


Can you make an egg into a fairytale or nursery rhyme character?











Once Upon A Time By John Prater Read Aloud For Kids

Come along with the little boy as he goes through his day while characters from favorite nursery rhymes act out their stories all around him!

Jolly Phonics Story o

Can you find the o objects

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Five Song

Learn all about the number five with our friend Numberblock Five from CBeebies Numberblocks!Find more Numberblocks clips and fun on the CBeebies website http...

Important information 

P.E is on a Thursday until the Christmas holidays.




Home learning for children who are self-isolating 

November week beginning  16/11/ 2020

The letter of the week is f, can you find objects around the house that begin with f . Can you make a list of 5 objects and label them.


The number of the week is 10.  Can you touch count your toys to 10. We are talking about sharing. Can you share your 10 toys with your grown-up and say how many you have each?


The story of the week is The Rainbow Fish. Listen to the story and write about what makes you a good friend. Take a  picture of your writing.


Can you colour The Rainbow Fish? Can you make one shiny scale to go on your coloured rainbow fish?


Send me your work (pictures of your work ) to my email. 


Home learning packs are available and can be delivered at a safe distance if requested. you can either phone the office or email me directly 

Mrs Helen Cox 



[Special Effects] The Rainbow Fish | Read Aloud Books for Children

Title: The Rainbow Fish Author & Illustrator: Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James ___________________________________________________ ► Buy the book here: http:/...

Colour the Rainbow Fish

Outside activities