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Foundation Stage 1


Hello, Hope you are all staying safe. 

I will Keep renewing the homework challenges.

If you would like any help or would like to contact me during this school closure please use my email and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Mrs Cox 

Homework Challenge 27/3/2020


Reading and Writing 

listen to the story of Handa's surprise again. Can you make a list of the different fruits that you heard in the story. 



Can you draw your favourite fruit. I would like to see it. Get your grown up to take a photo and send it to my email address. I will then be able to show your drawings on this page.

I look forward to seeing them. 



Fruit drawing

Fruit drawing 1

Homework Challenge  26/3/2020


Reading and Writing 

Read the story Handa's Surprise, or watch on the link below.

Tell your grown up which part of the story you enjoyed the most. 

Have a go at writing/ mark making a sentence about the story.


Can you take a photo of your writing and send it to me on the above email address?

I look forward to reading them.

Mrs Cox 


Homework Challenge 25/3/2020


Watch the numerblocks number 8, join in the song ( I know it's one of your favourites )

Where can you find the number 8 in your house?

Draw 8 apples in your book. 

Homework challenge 24/3/2020


How many challenge  

Can you count how many steps there are from:

The front door to your bedroom?


The kitchen to the living room?


The bathroom to the kitchen?


Your bedroom to the Living room? 

Have a go at recording the answer in your book


Listening challenge 

listen to one of the cbeebies bedtime stories and tell your grown up which part you like the best.



Homework Challenge 23/3/2020


Shape challenge 

Can you find around your house different shaped objects? Write/draw them in your homework book.

2 square

2 circle 

2 triangle 

2 rectangle 


Reading Challenge 

Read a book with your grown up


Writing challenge 

Write your name and a have go at writing your friends name in your book  


Homework 19/3/2020


Can you keep a weather chart for week?

Draw and write the weather in your homework book.


Write your name in your book pinching your pencil at the bottom.


Read a story with your grown up, talk about your favourite  character. 

Home challenge 18/3/2020


Can you find 6 things that start with the letter l and write a list in your homework book?


Can you make find 3 toys and put them in order of size?


Can you write your name? Remember to pinch your pencil at the bottom.


Outside activities

Outside activities 1 Fun in the Autumn leaves.
Outside activities 2 Making a water rocket during science week.
Outside activities 3 A visit to the Post Office.
Outside activities 4 Posting a letter.
Outside activities 5 Den making in our outdoor area.
Outside activities 6 Finding a way out the den.
Outside activities 7 Through the tunnel that the children made.
Outside activities 8 Enjoying the see-saw.


Displays 1 We are learning the names of shapes
Displays 2 Letters and sounds display, h for house.
Displays 3 We painted pictures of ourselves.
Displays 4 We learnt about the sense of touch.
Displays 5 We talked about sharing using this story.
Displays 6 The role play area
Displays 7 Elmer
Displays 8 Our memory quilt.
Displays 9 Little Red Riding Hood writing display.